Co-operative Bank Mortgage

Co-operative Bank is a comprehensive financial institution that provides every Kiwi the best solutions for their personal and business goals. They've grown connections with shareholders whose interests and financial wellbeing are their top priority. Because of this, they start offering home loan offers to give better options that are convenient and suitable for their needs and budget. 

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Why choose Co-operative for your mortgage?

Co-operative Bank assures home loan clients the best mortgage rates according to their budget and lifestyle. They offer different mortgage options where Kiwis are free to choose how they want to pay, whenever they like. 

In addition, Co-operative bank approves conditional home loans for free within 60 days, giving you time to look for the best place to invest in.

Types of Co-operative Home Loans - Rates, Calculator

Fixed Rate

Make your stay worthwhile by choosing to pay at a fixed rate during your selected period. If you wish to pay more, you can change your current rate within the range allowed by the Co-operative bank from anywhere between six months to five years, whichever you prefer. You can likewise make extra repayments up to 5% each year of your fixed term. This makes it easy for Kiwis to finish off their mortgage as soon as they can.


By the term itself, your home loan depends on the rise and fall of the interest rate in the market. When interest goes up, you pay a higher rate; when it falls, you pay less interest- simply put, it floats depending on market changes. 

As mortgage rate increases, repayments can increase as well, allowing you to pay off your mortgage earlier than expected. To get an estimate of your Co-operative bank mortgage loan, interest rates can be viewed in the glimp page beginning at 4.4%.

Revolving Credit

In a revolving credit loan, you don’t follow any payment schedule as long as you meet the minimum amount required each month. You can choose how much you’d like to pay plus the mortgage rate that’s based on the balance in your everyday account.