KiwiBank Mortgage

KiwiBank is a locally-owned and operated bank established in 2002 that intends to bring Kiwis financial opportunities in the country without the need to go overseas. They started from traditional banking services to buying New Zealand Home Loans in 2006 and later launching Kiwi Asset Finance for plant, equipment and vehicle loans for business owners. Because of their extensive services in providing financial help to clients, they were granted full license for their Kiwi insurance in 2013 and have been continuously accepting applications for mortgage, credit, car, insurance and savings accounts.

If you’re interested to know more about what KiwiBank has to offer, take a look at mortgage options, compare them at glimp and get a tailored result instantly! You can also use the Kiwibank mortgage calculator to find out which deal suits you best.

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Why sign up KiwiBank?

KiwiBank aims to give Kiwis comprehensive mortgage options to make their personal and long-time home projects come to reality. They create a kind of bank that values every Kiwi's preferences, providing them with plans that can work according to their income and lifestyle.

KiwiBank Mortgage Rates and Payments

KiwiBank offers mortgage rates that are flexible for every Kiwi, depending on how much they’re able to pay. This helps manage their finances while earnestly paying for their home loans every period. 

KiwiBank mortgage calculator rounds up a personalised result of the right deal  that’s suitable for your budget. Simple and easy, that’s KiwiBank for you!

Types of KiwiBank Home Loans - Rates, Calculator

Fixed Rate

KiwiBank gives you certainty wherein you can lock in an interest rate on your mortgage between six months to five years time. This way, you're able to know how much your repayments will be plus make extra payments every year of up to 5% without incurring a penalty.

Variable Rate

By choosing a variable rate loan, your mortgage will depend on the current interest rate which can go up or down at a given period. If the interest rates are low, you'll pay less; if rates increase, you'll need to pay accordingly and can request to reduce repayments. This a flexible option in case interest rates go up.


If you have accounts in KiwiBank and want to use them for your home loan, you can offset the balance against your mortgage. You're allowed to make additional payments when you like as well as pay a variable interest rate each month. This is ideal for individuals or soon-to-be engaged couples to prepare for their new life in a new home.

Revolving credit

Make repayments whenever you like provided that you don’t use up all your revolving credit balance. In this type of loan, your home loan is your everyday account where you can receive and withdraw money. This is where your kiwibank mortgage interest rates are calculated so it's best to save as much in the account and keep money spending at bay.