HSBC Mortgage

HSBC Premier offers a personalised financial service built around your needs as a New Zealander. They have 6,000 offices around 80 countries, making them one of the largest banking and financial service organisations in the world. With your premier relationship manager, you can curate financial solutions to your specific needs.

You can get pre-approved for a HSBC mortgage in NZ, allowing you to shop around with confidence and ease. You can also access the HSBC mortgage calculator to get an overview of payments based on how much you plan on borrowing. Rates are personalised and unique, suited to your lifestyle. If you’re planning on getting a home loan anytime soon, HSBC can give you competitive offers.

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Why get a home loan from HSBC?

Multiple repayment options allows you to live normally while paying for your mortgage. You can choose among five home loan options, each with a specific type of interest rate and term. Your home loan shouldn’t be like a life sentence and should be exciting because you’re buying your dream home! They offer you preferential rates for 30 days, free of charge from when the loan has been approved, and an HSBC mortgage pre-approval that’s valid for 3 months.

Flexibility that moves with you

HSBC mortgage in NZ gives you enough flexibility. You can adjust your mortgage based on personal circumstances. You can top up your home loan during the term and borrow more for any purpose. If you decide to sell your home during the duration of the loan and buy a new one, you can retain your current HSBC Premier Home Loan package and register the new home as security. Experience more freedom in your home loan with HSBC!

HSBC Home Loan NZ Options - Interest Rates

Fixed Rate Home Loan

The interest rate for this option is fixed throughout the duration of the loan, and varies from 2.79% p.a. to 2.89% p.a. It’s also based on the term you choose, it can be for six months, one year, two years, three years, four years or five years. The major advantage for a fixed interest rate is knowing exactly what you’re going to pay for on a regular basis. Since there’s a maximum of 30 years to repay all the amount, the loan generally reverts to the Floating Rate Home Loan once the agreed fixed term has ended. When this happens, you can choose to:

  • Re-iterate another fixed term with the similar interest rates.
  • Pay the loan in full
  • Choose another loan option from HSBC

Floating Rate Home Loan

he interest rate, starting at 4.49% p.a. As a result, the amount you pay on a regular basis can also rise and fall. You have the flexibility to make additional payments without any penalties or to “split” part of your loan into a fixed interest rate to avoid rising interest rates. With this, you get competitive HSBC mortgage rates in NZ.

Home Equity Loan

This HSBC mortgage in NZ helps you to pay off your loan faster by building your asset base and by giving you access to the funds you need through a line of credit. It’s like an overdraft but without the high interest rates. You can get an HSBC special mortgage rate of 4.69% p.a. applies. Take note that you need to own at least 20 per cent equity in your home to qualify.

Split Loan

This gives you the flexibility to combine up to six HSBC home loans and get the benefits you want. You only need to consider your priorities in a home loan to maximise the benefits of each type.

Construction Loan

While your home is being built, this type of home loan ensures you have enough money left for the finishing touches and unexpected expenses of your home. Before applying for this, you need to complete a valuation to determine how much you can borrow.