ANZ Mortgage

ANZ is New Zealand’s leading commercial bank since 1990. They offer Kiwis financial solutions ranging from insurance, credit cards, savings to their personal and home loan options. ANZ holds about 30% of all home loans in New Zealand with ANZ mortgage rates that can be adjusted depending on your needs and budget. This makes ANZ a practical choice for your mortgage.

Finding the right bank for your home loan can be quite challenging, especially if you have zero knowledge about the mortgage process. Good thing, ANZ offers a team of specialists to guide you with your application. 

Check for ANZ mortgage rates using their mortgage calculator to get an estimate. If you’re still unsure and would like to look for options, head over to glimp and compare mortgage rates according to your preference.

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Why choose ANZ Mortgage?

One thing to consider when looking for a mortgage is the bank's credibility. ANZ is known for its world-class banking products and services that can be accessed with just a few clicks. Prior to your mortgage application, you'll get an ANZ Home Loan Coach to assist as you proceed with buying your home. You get to choose a home loan type based on your financial situation and home recommendations that can help build your dream house.

First Home Buyer Handbook

ANZ supports every Kiwi with their home goals. That’s why they designed their own First Home Buyer Handbook that can guide individuals and families through the entire process of buying their own property. ANZ knows the challenges that come with real estate, even so when it comes to mortgage. They’re dedicated to keep you on track using clear illustrations about ANZ mortgage and rates found in the digital handbook.

ANZ Mortgage Types - Rates, Calculator

Paying for a mortgage can be made through different options, which should depend on your priority and budget. ANZ offers three types of home loans that are tailored for your various needs.


Mortgage rates vary depending on the changes in the market. When you select a fixed home loan with ANZ, you won't have to worry about a changing mortgage rate — they make budgeting easier for you. If you do have an extra budget to repay the mortgage, you can make a lump-sum payment or add repayments by up to 5% p.a. of the loan balance of your fixed-rate period without requiring an Early Repayment Recovery. You can receive ANZ Mortgage deals upon your application. Check with your agent to know more.


This type of mortgage is ideal for those who have additional income to make repayments. The amount of your ANZ mortgage rate would depend on the interest in the market, which allows you to pay off your home loan earlier than expected. You can likewise make extra repayments without incurring an added fee.


A flexible home loan option is perfect for customers who are committed to completing their mortgage at an earlier period. This mortgage type is a revolving credit facility where funds can also be used for any purpose aside from your home loan. It’s preferable for Kiwis who are good with managing their money while paying off their mortgage.