How to find the best data service provider in New Zealand?

Jul 13, 2020

Nowadays we all rely on our mobile phones to that extent that finding the very best data service provider becomes a sacred quest. Nationwide, diverse deals are to be found – customizable and bundled with many an add-on. Catering to a wide variety of needs, these offers often seem so tempting that pinpointing the very best deal might seem impossible at times. Glimp has the answer – see our at-a-glance comparison of most affordable deals.

  1. Spark offers1GB of data, 300 minutes of calls (nationwide), and unlimited texts (New Zealand only) for $39.99 a month (open term). Additional extras include access to special offers, 1GB of free Wi-Fi per day from Spark’s Wi-Fi zones, and movie tickets through Spark Thanks. Additional charges: 30c per MB (excess data) and 69c per excess minute.
  2. 2degrees offers 1GB data, 300 minutes of calls (New Zealand and Australia), and unlimited text (New Zealand and Australia) for $29.95 a month. For those who prefer IM, there is a 1GB data pack for $20.95 a month. Carryover minutes and data apply. Additional charges: 20c per excess MB and 69c per excess minute.
  3. Vodafone’s cheapest data service is the so-called “Advantage Lite” deal. It includes 1GB data, 300 minutes of calls (New Zealand and Australia), and unlimited text (New Zealand and Australia) for $39.99 a month. Additional charges: 79c per excess minute. If you excess your data limit, you may choose to buy data packages of 100MB for $6, 500MB for $12, or 1GB for $20. Signing up on a 24-month contract offers additional extras, such as free weekend calls to Vodafone NZ customers, access to Vodafone’s 4G Supernet, and $5 daily roaming.

Combining mobile and broadband plans for best results.

The best data service provider for your area is likely to offer both mobile and broadband plans. Most providers offer discounts in this case, so if you manage to find a satisfactory package, make use of the offer. 

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VDSL Auckland deals: compare the offer at Glimp.

If you are looking for VDSL Auckland providers, MyRepublic has been recommended by many users in the area. Other ISPs also cover the region, so make sure to compare the offer at Glimp with ease. Our broadband comparison tool lists results by price, contract length, speed, and download limit.  

Keep in mind that, on top of fast broadband, you may also opt for customizable add-ons, such as ultra-fast 4G mobile deals, digital TV bundles, and free to cheap calls. Use Glimp’s postcode checker to find best deals for your area. Get all deals from Spark, Vodafone, 2Degrees, Sky, Plusnet, Trustpower, Flip, TalkTalk, Orcon, MyRepublic, Skinny Broadband, and many more. The offer is diverse, so take your time pinpointing the best package.

As for the best internet provider in New Zealand, Flip has the highest number of satisfied customers (2017). Note that local availability plays an important role in this matter, too. E.g., Spark offers special gigabit plans for Dunedin. 

VDSL New Zealand deals: affordable prices and contract terms.

VDSL New Zealand deals are offered by various ISPs and often include various extras. As for prices, they depend on data limits, broadband speed, and contract terms. Some ISPs offer no-term contracts, whereas others stick to long-term ones. The latter implies anywhere from 6 to 24 months, depending on the provider, and stipulates an early termination fee. In addition, if you plan to move house, make sure to check if a free move of address is included in your plan. Most long-term deals offer the service, but not so the no-term ones. Early termination fees also apply, no exceptions, so be careful when picking a long-term broadband package. 

As for best data service provider, this is a rather subjective category. It depends both on local coverage and your particular wishes. For the last three years, 2degrees has been ranked first, in terms of competitive mobile plans, starting at $30 a month. Further out, the provider also offers the latest iPhones for ca. $50 per month.  

Let us not forget that 2degrees is also an internet provider. If you manage to find a satisfactory broadband plan with them (starting at $75 a month), you will get $10 off on a monthly basis. 

If 2degrees fails to meet your standards, consider Spark of Vodafone. Spark also boasts competitive mobile plans and the latest phones (iPhone and Galaxy S7 available from $40-$50 per month). The provider offers both open term- and 24-month plans, with the latter stipulating better customizable add-ons, including access to over 1000 Wi-Fi zones with Spark and 1GB on a daily basis. 

To this day, Vodafone remains the only provider to offer a plan builder (check their website). Simply choose a plan, choose inclusions, pay, and you’re all set. The prices are another matter entirely with this provider. Vodafone’s plans may easily get expensive, but they are bundled with extras in return. An example: unlimited talk and text, calls to Australia, a number of data inclusions, and a free handset. Just like Spark, Vodafone is also an internet provider NZ, so pairing a mobile plan with a broadband deal might get you additional benefits. Vodafone offers ADSL, VDSL, fibre, and fibre X plans, with prices starting at $100 a month.

The broadband conundrum: buying a plan or a phone?

One of the best ways to get one of the latest mobile phones and pay it in instalments is choosing a phone on a plan. No brainer, that, but don’t forget to check out additional charges that might apply, namely, fees for exceeding your plan’s limitations and early termination fees. Neither are a good idea if your phone is at stake. Find the best data service provider in your area and see what you can get.

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