Accuro Health Insurance

Accuro Health Insurance is a 100% Kiwi-owned and operated, not for profit insurer, helping Kiwis stay healthy since 1971. Accuro insurance was initially established to help people in the health sector purchase affordable and comprehensive health cover in NZ. 

They believe that you don’t need to be a large company in order to get the best health insurance in NZ. When you need cover for the little guy, you can’t go wrong with Accuro online.

accuro health insurance

Why choose Accuro Health Insurance?

Accuro Health Insurance takes pride in their ability to provide customer satisfaction, despite their image as a “small health insurance provider in NZ”. Independent study by Perceptive Research, Colmar Brunton, and other consumer experts have verified their customer experience, product, and price point, lending them a strong image with their target market.

Accuro Active Insurance

Active Insurance is Accuro’s means of actively engaging with their members, helping them stay healthy throughout their life. They take pride in the benefits they provide, such as:

Best Doctors

Their Best Doctors benefit provides members access to over 50,000 health specialists, allowing them to gain a better understanding of their medical condition, or give you answers should you express doubt in a particular treatment or surgery.

You can have a medical professional review your condition, and help you find a specialist that you can meet for face-to-face consultations. Best of all, Best Doctors also offer the Mental Health Navigator to members with a specialist plan, allowing you to care for your mental wellbeing too!

Accuro Health Hub

The Health Hub is Accuro Insurance’s online health and wellbeing program, available on both PC and mobile phone. It offers insights and provides the tools to track your health status, complete with a Health Questionnaire for feedback, and Health Challenges you can take to motivate you further.

Browse a growing range of resources including articles, clips, recipes, ideas, competitions, and offers on a variety of products from Accuro Insurance!

Bowelscreen Aotearoa

Accuro provides free bowel screening kits for members after three continuous years in the policy, and every three years following. This was developed in partnership with Clinical Genomics in order to help diagnose Bowel Cancer early.


Accuro medical insurance also offers the SkinVision act to help Kiwis track their skin health and help spot potential warning signs for skin cancer. Of course, they are transparent in saying that this is not a substitute for a proper visit to a registered health professional, and how this is not intended for children. Rather, it’s meant as a helpful tool to track any changes to your skin over time, giving the practitioner more to work with during your consultation.

Types of Accuro Medical Insurance Quotes and policies NZ!

For Residents:

SmartCare and SmartCare+

Stay healthy with Accuro’s SmartCare health insurance, designed for NZ citizens and residents! SmartCare provides comprehensive health insurance cover that includes surgery, private hospital medical admission, and access to their Best Doctors active benefit. SmartCare+ also expands coverage to include non-PHARMAC subsidised drugs.

Optional add-ons include:

Specialist Plan

An additional plan that speeds up diagnostics time by providing access to private tests and specialist consultations, such as mental health, pregnancy, melanoma, and diagnostic tests.

Dental and Optical Plan

Save money on your regular visits to your dentists and optometrist with Accuro’s Dental and Optical plan add-on!

GP Plan

This add-on is to help you with the costs of GP visits, prescription drugs, and registered nurse visits.

Natural Health Plan

This plan covers a more holistic treatment, helping members with osteopaths, natural therapists, and nutritionists.


SmartStay is a health insurance plan available to people coming to New Zealand for visit or on a work visa valid for less than 2 years. It holds nothing back, granting visa holders with all the benefits included in a resident’s health insurance policy, providing cover for urgent treatment, GP, and nurse consultations as well. 

Their Hospital and Surgical plan entitles holders to $150,000 cover for general surgery, $65,000 for hospital admission, and $150,000 oral surgery cover. Optional plans include:

Specialist Plan

This plan allows specialist consultations and private tests which include mental health consultations.

GP Plan

This is for more frequent healthcare expenses such as GP visits, lab tests, and prescription drugs.


This is Accuro’s health insurance plan geared for babies and children that are below the age of 16. Parents and guardians can take out this cover for their dependents without having to apply for one themselves! This plan already includes their Hospital and Surgical Base Plan for major diagnostic procedures and surgery, as well as their specialist plan for expert consultations.

For Businesses:

StaffCare and StaffCare+

Help get your staff back to good health with the help of Accuro’s StaffCare health insurance policy, providing small businesses (with fewer than 15 employees), as well as medium-large businesses with the appropriate group medical cover.

Known for its value for money and ease of administration, Staffcare includes their Hospital and Surgical base plan that covers private hospital admission, as well as their optional Specialist Plan, and GP Plan for expert consultations and daily visits respectively.

StaffCare+ expands their coverage to include non-PHARMAC chemotherapy drugs and cover for pre-existing conditions. It also provides optional plans like their Dental and Optical Plan, and their Natural Health plan.