Faster Broadband Speed. Do you need it?

Date Jul 14, 2020
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By Michael Speight

There has been a lot of news lately about faster broadband, so here at glimp we thought we should give our opinion. 

The big question that popped up is "do you need a faster broadband speed?"

All right, so let’s tackle these questions!

Do I need a faster broadband speed? And does faster mean better?

The short answer is yes. This is because we believe that faster broadband is better broadband and it improves peoples lives.

Think about the last time you were angry because your internet was running really slow and you couldn’t watch your favourite TV show. With a faster broadband connection this issue would be a thing of the past.

However, there becomes a point when you don’t use all that speed. For example, you wouldn’t really need the Fibre 200 option as you will rarely find yourself using that speed up unless you really want to download large files very fast.

In fact, TrueNet, an independent internet tester, says 100Mbs and 200Mbs services never reach close to their advertised speeds as they're not needed.

Their recently revealed results showed the difference between webpage download times on 30Mbs and 100Mbs services and turned out to be small.

That's because the amount of data for a webpage is tiny, so your internet speed never gets close to its' top speed when downloading a small file. Actually, it gets saved on your web browser, so next time you go on the web page, it loads even faster than the first time you ever went on it. 

We even have Netflix recommending a 5Mbs for high definition and 25Mbs broadband connection for ultra high definition (4K) streaming.

This is all fine and well if you have 2 people using the connection and even then you will find having a slower broadband speed daunting.

What happens when there are more people?

A lot of us now have at least two devices that are pretty much always connected to the internet, downloading and updating.

The following scenarios are very common:

  • The kids are all on their devices watching YouTube videos or playing Minecraft or maybe even doing it both. Mum is watching her favourite TV shows through Netflix. While Dad is reading some news or trying to find a guide on how to fix that broken shelf that was meant to be fixed a while back. OR
  • One is trying to watch funny cat videos on Youtube, while the other is trying to catch up to the latest Game of Thrones episode, and the third person is playing online games and communicating with his or her friends over Skype. 

These are just two scenarios and each person has their own internet needs. Your scenario may differ slightly but our examples above are just a guideline. Here at glimp, we try to accomodate for your needs and that’s why we have a form asking you all these questions before showing you results.

However, we still think having a faster broadband speed is better. And with more internet connected devices coming out and being part of our homes, it will become essential to have great internet. This is the future we are heading towards and we want to be a part of it. 

We have good news for you though, if you have a VDSL connection, then you are up to speed. Meaning you will find yourself having speed of something similar to what you would expect with Fibre 30.

However, you could be paying $5 to $10 more a month than a Fibre 100 broadband plan for that VDSL plan. 

At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide if you want to go for Fibre 30 or Fibre 100 broadband speed. The one big difference is that there are way more broadband plans to choose from and with better deals with the Fibre 100 speed. Ranging from half price ( for a number of months ) to some sweet bundles, like a free Chromecast. If you choose a Fibre 100 broadband plan you will end up with a better broadband plan with a faster broadband speed and with some free goodies or discounted price.

We definitely think that if Fibre is available for you, then you should go for Fibre 100 broadband plan. By the way, you can check if fibre is available for you on our website and if it’s not then we will tell you when it is expected, so you can start planning. While you are checking that out, you can look at and compare the best broadband plans and switch to the one that suits your needs.

To do that just go here: Compare best broadband plans in less than a minute. 

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Leah Te Rangi , 2021-09-28

Sign up didn't go quite the way it was meant to. But Kate called and she walked through everything so we could work out what went wrong. she was patient, friendly, supportive and kept me calm to finally get plan registration sorted ( still can't log in though - she must be magic )

Tara Davis , 2021-09-28

Found it really easy to find what i needed and also got a call regarding what deals might be best suited etc. Saves a lot of time. Highly reccommend glimp

Christine Henare , 2021-06-25

I’ve just had a great experience with Kurt from glimp compare. He helped me through the process from the time I clicked onto the website, via the chat function. Long story short I have signed up to a new power and broadband provider with significant cost savings. There was no pressure at any stage, just respectful guidance and facilitation to initiate the new supply.

Chris Lerew , 2021-09-18

Good options, but ideally an option to combine & compare cost for best mobile + broadband option would be nice.

John de Jong , 2021-09-26

Easy site to navigate. Gave me great options that suit my household including reputable providers I wasn't familiar with.