Sugi Wallet

Developed by European company Sofitto, by the former technical lead for the Mycelium wallet, Sugi NFC Wallet is a unique crypto storage device you can use in order to keep your personal and private keys safe. Sugi Wallet’s hardware makes it easy for you to spend and deposit your cryptocurrency as if you’re just using a bank card! No need to worry about losing your funds though. Sugi doesn’t access any of your crypto funds while you’re using the wallet!

sugi cryto wallet nz

Sugi Wallet Features and Compatibility

Easily send and receive cryptocurrencies with your own Sugi card! You can easily confirm any outgoing transactions simply by tapping your card on your phone when prompted. They’ve also partnered with different partner wallets such as Infinito, allowing you to make use of different blockchain apps such as buying fiat with crypto, games, crypto exchanges, and more. No need to download the Sugi Wallet app if you have these other wallets.

Sugi Wallet Hardware Security Features

  • The app is virus and malware-proof by design. Using Sugi Wallet in NZ ensures your private data is secure within a PIN-protected security chip.
  • Guarded production in the European Union.
  • Secure Delivery in a tamper-proof box with an NFC shield
  • Secure transfers with just a quick tap.

Multifunctional Sugi Card

Sugi simplifies the crypto hardware experience. It removes all the clunky devices and cables in order to deliver a more simplified way to transact via cryptocurrency.

Multi-Currency Storage

The Sugi Card is capable of storing your Bitcoins (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, ERC20 tokens, with more currencies coming soon.

Keep Private Keys Offline

Your keys are always kept offline, with the Sugi Card managing your private keys. It will never leave the secure element of your own card, providing you the peace of mind you need.

Authentication Element

You can securely sign transactions by tapping the card to your NFC-enabled phone.

Everyday Payment Card

With Sugi, you can soon use your card to make in-store payments and ATM withdrawals worldwide in any type of currency whether it’s fiat, cryptocurrency, and tokens.