Keepkey Wallet NZ

Billed as “A hardware wallet that’s as serious about crypto as you are”, Keepkey’s wallet is a good option for both newcomers and veterans to crypto investing. Keepkey from Shapeshift helps secure your cryptocurrencies, store your private keys, and guard your investments and assets from malicious hackers. 

It stores over 40 different crypto assets. This may seem less than some of its other competitors, but it does come slightly cheaper and may be sufficient enough if you invest in the coins the wallet supports.

Keepkey wallet’s reviews are generally positive, with many citing its design and user-friendliness despite its size. Many new improvements have been made since its acquisition with Shapeshift, and many users are now getting around to using the cold wallet.

keepkey cryto wallet nz

Keepkey Features

Stress-Free Security

Keepkey from Shapeshift generates your private keys in an offline, cold storage environment, ensuring that it’s well-guarded against online vulnerabilities and viruses, while still allowing you to conduct a safe transaction using its own wallet software.

Sleek and Simple Display

Thanks to its large display, you can clearly see every digital asset you send and receive on your device. Transactions must be manually approved via the confirmation button, giving you more control over your activities on the wallet.

Straightforward Backup and Recovery

The device will generate you a 12-word recovery sentence during initialization which you can use to retrieve and access your private keys. This phrase will help keep your funds secure even if the actual hardware wallet is lost or broken.

Effortless Exchange

Thanks to its Shapeshift integration, you can quickly exchange cryptocurrencies directly from your Keepkey wallet.

  • Keepkey also provides you the following features:
  • PIN protection against unauthorized use
  • Additional passphrase protection
  • Customizable transaction speeds
  • Limitless wallet addresses on one device

Shapeshift Platform

Shapeshift is Keepkey’s primary interface for you to buy, sell, send, receive, trade, and track cryptocurrencies. Together, you can start your own crypto-investing with a secure, hardware wallet, and a beautiful interface on the Shapeshift platform in just a few easy steps to get started:

Enter the Shapeshift Platform

Use Chrome of Brave browser and enter the platform via

Pair your Keepkey

Pairing your Keepkey wallet makes it compatible with the platform. Simply select “Connect your wallet” and choose Keepkey, while ensuring that the Keepkey is plugged in and that the Keepkey Updater App is closed. Click “Pair Keepkey” to begin and highlight the wallet you wish to connect and simply click “Connect”.

Update your Device

Depending on how the pairing goes, you may have to update your Keepkey wallet. Simply click on the “Download Updater App” in order to get started.


Click “Initialize Keepkey” to simply begin. Follow the steps in setting up your device in the writeup in the next section.