Exodus Crypto Wallet

Exodus wallet allows you to send, receive, & exchange Bitcoin and 100+ cryptocurrencies across different platforms. While the app was initially just available on desktop platforms, Exodus has since expanded to include Exodus Wallet on Android and Exodus Wallet IOS. Their interface is designed for ease of use, making it simple enough for beginners looking to start investing in cryptocurrencies.

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Exodus Crypto Wallet Features

In addition to just dealing with Bitcoin, Exodus also allows users to trade altcoins, as well as providing them a means to trade one cryptocurrency for another without needing to register. However, Exodus does use a Simplified Payment Verification, meaning you can’t download complete blockchains with the app. Instead, they use a series of servers to track balances.

Exodus Wallet is easy to use. You simply need to download the app and install it in order to get started, no registration required. Its interface is very intuitive, offering both crypto exchange and portfolio management services, allowing you to store, manage, and trade on just one platform.

Do note however, that while Exodus takes the appropriate steps to secure their services, the app doesn’t have two-factor authentication support, relying more on passwords for security.

Get started with Apps!

Another feature Exodus offers is their ‘Apps’, which you can think of as plug-ins to help make your trading activities even more simple and convenient by adding different functionalities. Using apps, users are able to:

Earn Crypto Rewards - Exodus makes it easy to set up a crypto passive income with just a tap of a button. The app will help you stake out your coins and earn interest, letting you earn even more the more coins you stable out.

Compound Finance - Grow your crypto wealth by depositing DAI into the Exodus Compound Finance app. Get higher interest rates than traditional banks when you invest into your DAI savings.

Exodus Crypto Platforms:

Desktop Wallet

Featuring over 135+ crypto assets, Exodus Desktop Wallet  allows you to easily secure, manage, and exchange cryptocurrency in one application, helping you build a diverse portfolio of investments in the long run.

Benefits of Exodus’ Desktop Wallet:

  • Keeps your Data Private - Exodus encrypts private keys and transaction data so they remain for your eyes only. No registration or account setup required.
  • Hardware Wallet (Trezor) - Store and manage your cryptocurrency securely with the help of your Trezor Hardware Wallet.
  • 24/7 Human Support - Gain access to a 24/7 customer support and online help desk, ensuring all your questions about using the service are answered.
  • One-Click Easy - Never used an exchange before? Exodus makes it easy. Simply click on their simple UI to start trading cryptocurrency
  • Friendly and Trusted - No tech speak or confusing lingo. Exodus strives to make it fun to learn and use cryptocurrency.

Mobile Wallet

Exchange and trade your currencies anywhere while on the go with the help of Exodus Mobile Wallet. Get a secure platform for trading with both face and fingerprint scanning, adding an extra layer of security whether you use Exodus Wallet for Android or Exodus Wallet IOS.

Benefits of Exodus Mobile Wallet:

  • Keep your Data Private - Transactions you conduct stays for your eyes only, in your mobile device. Your data remains private, with no account registration and setup required.
  • Desktop Sync - Use a 12-word backup phrase and sync your mobile device to your desktop, allowing you to easily shift devices on the spot.
  • 24/7 Human Support - Find anything confusing? Make use of their 24/7 human customer support and online help tools whenever you need help navigating the app and cryptocurrency.
  • One Touch Easy -  Trade cryptocurrency in just a few taps on your mobile phone, and exchange assets behind the scenes in just seconds!
  • Friendly and Trusted - Have fun learning and trading cryptocurrencies. Push back the technical wording and difficult language in order to start investing and trading today.

Trezor Wallet

As part of their partnership, Exodus works closely with Trezor’s Hardware Wallet in order to advance the hardware experience. Link your accounts in just 3 simple steps:

  • Get your Trezor
  • Install Trezor Bridge
  • Pair with Exodus and start using them together

Get the following benefits when you use Exodus and Trezor together:

  • Enhanced Trezor security
  • Exchange assets seamlessly between your Trezor wallet and Exodus
  • Have your assets stay securely offline with their hardware
  • Plug and play experience with other existing Trezor devices
  • 24/7 personal support from the Exodus customer service team
  • Manage multiple devices simultaneously