Eidoo Crypto Wallet

Eidoo Crypto Wallet allows users to store their cryptocurrency assets and tokens using just a single backup passphrase. Eidoo’s end goal is to eventually create an effective “blockchain-to-human interface” while also offering a whole host of other financial services and products that helps you navigate decentralized finance.

With Eidoo Wallet, you can manage all your digital investments on a secure platform and access all the services you need in one place!

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Unlock a new world of finance with Eidoo Crypto Wallet!

Eidoo brings the benefits of decentralized finance (DeFi) to many users in an intuitive platform and service. Eidoo helps empower users to use crypto in their everyday lives, and overcome the limitations of traditional financing options by going digital.

Eidoo Wallet Features

Easy-to-use, Multicurrency Wallet

Store all your ERC-20 tokens in just one wallet! No need to track multiple locations and addresses. Eidoo Wallet works seamlessly across many alternative token types as well. You can easily check your balance alongside the latest prices in the market thanks to their easy to understand user interface.

Wallet App - iOS and Android

Store and access your tokens on the go on any device. Eidoo Crypto Wallet is accessible via iOS, Android, or even your desktop as an app so you can check your cryptocurrency and tokens anytime you need.

Manage Litecoin, ETH, Bitcoin wallets, and all ERC-20 tokens in just one app

Eidoo Wallet brings together the primary cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum together in one app, making it easy for you to invest in what you need as well as switch up, exchange, or diversify your coins and tokens. 

Eidoo Security Measures:

In order to safeguard your crypto holdings and keep your account secure, Eidoo Wallet has some countermeasures in place for your peace of mind:

Private Key

Your private key is under your control at all times, with Eidoo wallet only storing it on your device and not on any servers, making it less susceptible to vulnerabilities.

Backup Phrase

As a hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallet, you can get a single, 12-word passphrase that will allow you to backup and restore all of your crypto holdings should they be compromised.

Recovery Tool

This feature helps you recover your wallet in case you lose your mobile device or even if you get a new phone and find it difficult to transfer your account.

Eidoo Crowd

Get exclusive access to token offerings. Participate or even launch token sales, all while remaining compliant with local regulations. 

Explore your Hybrid Eidoo Crypto Exchange

Trade crypto at a platform as safe as a decentralized exchange and as fast as a centralized one. Explore Eidoo’s hybrid exchange today!

Trade on a Hybrid DEX Exchange

Access the top crypto exchanges in the world.

Simple and Intuitive

Reduce the confusing processes and get started today. Eidoo’s intuitive design makes it easy to start trading and exchanging cryptocurrency.

Cloud-based Digital Vault

Your account is linked to a smart contact on the Ethereum blockchain, providing you the peace of mind you need, knowing that no one else can access or view your funds but you.