Atomic Wallet

As a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet supporting 500 coins and tokens, Atomic Wallet is a Crypto platform that’s easy to get started with, thanks to its simplicity and convenience for users. Its main selling points are its cost and token support, along with the security features it offers. Atomic Wallet is free to use, apart from the typical network transaction fees. Atomic is committed to providing a convenient way of managing cryptocurrencies for beginners, which will soon boost crypto mass adoption by offering it on multiple platforms, including Atomic Wallet IOS.

atomic cryto wallet nz

Atomic Wallet Security Features:

As a non-custodial decentralized wallet, you get to own your own backup phrase and private keys completely, allowing you to fully control your funds. Not even Atomic Wallet can access your own funds and your own sensitive information as your own backup and private keys will be stored locally and strongly encrypted.

Atomic Wallet Membership Rewards

Rewards are given to all customers holding AWC-BEP2 for using the built-in exchange service within Atomic Wallet, primarily as a cashback reward. The amount given back depends on the level of user membership status. In order to become a member, you simply need to follow three steps:

  • Buy and hold AWC in your Atomic Wallet. AWC is the internal currency for Atomic Wallet users. The minimum amount required is at least 100 AWC, and you can buy it via Atomic Wallet or on Binance DEX.
  • Exchange any asset in Atomic. The cash back would then be counted on your AWC-BNB balance.
  • Receive your cash back rewards! Rewards are distributed on a monthly basis and will automatically reflect on your balance. In order to upgrade your membership status, you only need to hold more AWC!

Staking your Cryptocurrency

Another method you can use to earn via cryptocurrency is by staking out your funds. You can receive rewards for validating transactions or receiving dividends while you’re holding your funds. As the difficulty in mining increases, staking is becoming more and more attractive as an option for most investors, and Atomic Wallet ensures its users can receive their rewards in a decentralized way. No fees are collected and you can get your profits directly from validators.