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The Farmers Trading Company Ltd started in 1909 as "Laidlaw Leeds" that sold agricultural-related products through mail order catalogues. Today, it has around 59 stores in New Zealand with a variety of departments - from fashion and beauty, to furniture and large appliances. You can find nearly everything you need in their stores. To make the shopping experience more enjoyable for their customers, Farmers have created a program that allows you to earn rewards for every purchase made. You can accumulate Farmers Club Points when you buy using a Farmers Mastercard credit card.

A Farmers credit card lets you earn points anywhere that Mastercard is accepted; meaning, you can get points even when you’re overseas! For every $10 spent, you get 1 Farmers Club Point. A Farmers credit card is highly recommended if you’re a regular in their stores, as your points can accumulate fast, giving you access to enjoyable rewards.

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Benefits of Farmers Mastercard Credit Card

Easy to earn rewards

1 Farmers Club Point for every $10 spent is an easy way to accumulate points, especially if you’re a regular shopper at Farmers. When you reach 250 points, you’ll get a $20 Farmers Club voucher. What’s more, there’s no interest for up to 55 days after you apply for a Farmers Mastercard credit card. This gives you more time to save on cash and points without worrying about interest.

Family-friendly perks

A Farmers Master credit card is family-friendly and lets you add 4 more cardholders for free, allowing you to accumulate points from any purchases made on them. Your family can all save up points to get the best rewards! You’ll also have access to exclusive discounts and promotions for the entire family, and the ability to connect your card with Apple Pay for contactless payment.

Farmers Mastercard NZ Credit Card details - Rewards, Rates, Annual Fees

Fees and charges

With a Farmers Mastercard credit card, you’ll be charged a standard interest fee, credit card fee, $55 establishment fee, and default fees (whenever applicable). The standard interest fee can sometimes change depending on special offers and promos available during the time of the purchase. While there are no annual fees, other credit card fees such as a paper statement fee and a card replacement fee (when applicable) may apply.

Farmers Mastercard app

To manage your credit card better, you can download the Farmers Mastercard app and use this to check your activities conveniently. With the app, you can activate your credit card, view your balance and credit, download your statements, and pay your account through direct debit. You can sign up online by simply going to their website and complete your Farmers credit card application.

Make the most of your shopping experience with a Farmers credit card!

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