Air New Zealand Airpoints Credit Cards

Air New Zealand Airpoints credit cards reward you with a variety of exclusive perks to make your life and travels more enjoyable. If you’re already an Airpoints member, you can earn points from purchases you make through your credit card and become eligible for flights on Air New Zealand and its partner airlines. There’s no need to worry if you’re not currently a member, as you can join anytime for free!

Many credit cards come with Airpoints that can earn rewards, but they’re not the same when it comes to rates, fees, and other charges. Having an Airpoints credit card is a huge advantage, as the rewards are plentiful. If you’re interested in earning Airpoints through credit cards, head on to our comparison page to see the different offers. We’ll show you all the different rates, so that you can select the Airpoints credit card that’s right for you.

air new zealand credit cards

Why get an Air New Zealand credit card?

Easy-to-earn rewards

Generally, Airpoints are easy to earn: by making a purchase with your Airpoints debit or credit card, flying with Air New Zealand, and shopping with Airpoints malls and brands online. You can also easily manage your Airpoints Dollars by registering for an online account. Each credit card has its own offers and benefits; and the best one for you will be based on how much you spend, the rewards you want, and how much you travel.

Airpoints accumulate

Airpoints that you earn using debit or credit cards, and through Air New Zealand partner malls and brands, accumulate into a single account. These points will be reflected either during the purchase, or at the end of the month on your credit card statement.

Air New Zealand credit card types - Rewards, Rates, Annual Fees

Air New Zealand credit cards are tailored by NZ providers to cater to all types of Kiwi preferences and needs. Here are some of the most common credit card types:

No annual fees

You won’t get any annual fees throughout the life of the card, after a minimum yearly spending, or after an introductory period.With no annual fees, you can concentrate on saving money, even if there are fewer features than others.


If you’re a globetrotter, and a medium spender, a World Mastercard with Airpoints would suit you best, as it’ll give you access to many airport lounges around the world.


This kind of credit card is used for different business purposes which, in turn, also helps to build a credit profile for businesses. You can also earn enough points for travel insurance with this type of credit card.


This type of credit card comes with different rewards and a high credit limit. It’s best suited for someone who uses their credit card for most of their transactions.

Super Premium

A Super Premium credit card is also considered as a luxury card that gives high or no credit limits, and grants exclusive access to world-class benefits. This means that if you’re a heavy traveller and a high credit card spender, an Airpoints Super Premium credit card would suit your lifestyle best.

Compare Air New Zealand credit card offers now

Compare Air New Zealand credit cards from NZ providers using glimp!

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