Westpac Contents Insurance

Westpac's Contents Insurance ensures that you get the right coverage for your stolen, lost or damaged belongings. They cover anything from household, personal to business equipment. You’re rest-assured that you’re valued items are safe and protected no matter what.

Do you have treasured possessions you'd like to secure? Check Westpac Contents Insurance or you can visit glimp for contents insurance deals that fit your needs and lifestyle.

westpac contents insurance

Why choose Westpac Contents Insurance?

With Westpac, you're open to cover for possessions that are used for business and daily activities. They provide you options depending on how you want it — whether to pay the value of your item or replace it with a new one. It's a practical way to ensure that you're going to get back whatever's lost, stolen, or broken due to accidents or any unforeseen event. 

In case you need assistance in computing the value of your items, you can always use Westpac Contents Insurance Calculator to get a more accurate sum.

Westpac Contents Additional Coverage

When you treasure them, insure them. With Westpac Contents Insurance, you can get additional cover for your wedding gifts, home business appliance, paintings and artworks, and other items that are temporarily sitting in your home. Westpac also assures a “stress payment” of up to $1,000 in case of loss of an item. What more can you ask for?

Types of Contents Insurance with Westpac NZ


It can be stressful and time-consuming to replace lost household items. That's why it pays to get full coverage contents insurance for house keys, locks, remote doors openers and items alike. By selecting this type of coverage, you can be confident that even an old appliance can be replaced in no time.


This is ideal for those renting or residing in a flat wherein your belongings can be covered for up to $25,000. You may also opt to cover certain household items for a fixed period if the property is damaged and you decide to move out.