Initio Insurance NZ

Initio Insurance were founded in 2011, with the mission to make insurance easy for Kiwis all over NZ. With the founders’ combined knowledge on insurance policies and software engineering, they created a streamlined insurance experience for homeowners. Since then, they have since expanded their services to include Initio Contents Insurance for protecting your belongings as well.

initio content insurance nz

Why choose Initio Insurance NZ?

Choose Initio Insurance for faster, easier, and smarter policies that fit your lifestyle. Their comprehensive house and contents cover makes use of advanced technology to help save you time and money. Initio promises:

Kickass Cover

Initio Insurance includes all the things that matter in your policies, including all the bells and whistles!

Everything Online

Get instant online quotes and fast approach to claims when it comes to property.

Support on Claims

Initio cut back on the red tape and bureaucracy to pay out claims faster!

Types of Initio Contents Insurance policies NZ:

Initio Home and Contents Insurance

Initio Insurance NZ offer a joint comprehensive policy for both home and contents, simplifying the selection and making it easier for prospective clients. It offers:

  • Full House Replacement - This cover helps repair or even replace your damaged home — including other parts like fences and driveways — up to your rebuild value.
  • Personal Contents - Replace or repair your lost possessions on a new-for-old basis.
  • Legal Liability - Should an accident cause damage to someone else’s property or if you accidentally cause injury to another person.

Bands usually start at $60,000 up to a maximum of $220,000 so it’s best to sort out which possessions you wish to ensure and up to what sum. In addition, they also offer the following benefits:

Temporary Accommodation Benefits

Initio Contents Insurance can help cover up to $20,000 in temporary accommodation for you, your family, and even your pets if your home is damaged and is currently unlivable.

Excess-free Keys and Locks Cover

Initio can pay up to $1000  with no excess for replacing stolen, damaged, or copied locks.

Cover for hidden, gradual damage

Initio provides up to $3,000 for gradual water damage as a result of a broken water or waste pipe at home.

Cover Contents in Transit or Storage

Need to transfer your items so you can move to a new location? Initio also have it covered for you.