QEEQ Car Rental

Formerly known as EasyRentCars until March 2020, QEEQ are a brand that moves Kiwis easier and faster to NZ’s top destinations. They aspire to provide competitive rates and convenience when it comes to renting cars, with innovative solutions such as the Price Drop Protector that help you get low rates on car rentals. 

QEEQ aim to increase their global presence through their 24/7 multilingual customer service that caters to a diverse market. They gather insights from global customers and integrate these into their services so that best practices can be achieved. Their dedicated customer service team comes from competitive car hire companies and travel agencies, proving their expertise in car rental services. 

If you’re looking for your next car to hire, QEEQ car rentals in NZ have various models that will help you get to your destination safely and enjoyably. Sign up with QEEQ car rental and get access to member-only deals for your next trip!

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Why book a car with QEEQ?

Get the best deals when you book with QEEQ car rentals in NZ because you’ll get great car models at the lowest prices! It’s also convenient to hire a car with QEEQ because you can easily find all the information you need like car models, locations, services, and car hire companies.

No credit card and cancellation fees

You don’t need to worry about paying extra on top of the car rental payment because there are no additional credit card fees with QEEQ. You can also cancel your car rental for free as long as you do so before the pick-up. 

Amazing membership rewards

Discounts in car rentals are only a glimpse of the various benefits when you’re a part of QEEQ. As a member, you’ll get the chance to earn more than 300 exclusive privileges worldwide: the QEEQ Rewards Club has offers for medical essentials, free online courses, streaming discounts, and many more!

QEEQ Car Rental Deals NZ - Airport, Auckland, Christchurch

How to find a car to hire

As an online car rental platform, QEEQ make it easy for everyone to look for a car that suits their needs. They’ll help you find QEEQ car rentals in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, and Queenstown, as well as other locations globally including Australia and North America. In other words, they’ll help you find a car to hire no matter where you are!

Price Drop Protector

Car rental prices change fast, and this can be troublesome when you’re hoping to catch the lowest rates. It’s good that QEEQ have a platform that lets you see updates on car rental prices. The Price Drop Protector – which helps you to find the cheapest car rental rates by tracking down price drops – can be found in the platform. It ensures that you always book the right car at a low rate.