Finance Direct Car Loans NZ

Offering efficient solutions for Kiwis seeking funding since 1999, Finance Direct remains one of the most competitive Peer to Peer lending services and broker partners in NZ. They offer terms and interest rates that are tailored to each customer’s credit profile, ensuring that they’re always able to get a loan that works for them. This helps keep Finance Direct car loans stay cheap and accessible for many borrowers in NZ.

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financedirect car loans nz

Why should you apply for Finance Direct Car Loans in NZ?

Finance Direct offers a very convenient application process, thanks to their 100% online platform through, allowing you to receive same day service on your inquiry or application. This leads to a hassle-free experience for the borrower and with no unnecessary paperwork too!

They also help you get a more accurate estimate with their free calculator. You can get an estimate of your loan terms and interest rates through Lending Crowd’s free quote option. It’s 100% anonymous and it only takes around 2 minutes to complete!

Finance Direct Car Loans NZ - Interest Rates & Fees

Finance Direct interest rates are very competitive, ranging from around 3.39% to 24.95% depending on the loan type and your circumstances. Your loan term varies as well, allowing you to make repayments on a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 60 months for a car loan.