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Stuff Fibre NZ are all about making it easier to go fast online. They believe that Kiwis deserve the best - that’s why all of their plans have a minimum 100Mbps download speed. Stuff Fibre levels it up by giving you nothing but the best broadband plans in NZ.

Stuff Fibre internet delivers lightning-fast speeds, unlimited data, no fixed-term contracts, and great local customer service, paired with a gigabit router for an even better performance. They know that customers want no hiccups in their broadband service; so if you’re experiencing any kind of issue, regardless if it’s connection or service concerns, you can always contact them to have it sorted quickly. They also put emphasis on their high-quality routers, as they believe that there’s no point paying for great internet if it’s going to be throttled by a poor router.

Stuff Fibre offers some of the best broadband deals in NZ, so be sure to check all of them out. Compare the stuff that Stuff Fibre has to offer with our comprehensive comparison tool at glimp.

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Why sign up with Stuff Fibre?

If you’re currently on a VDSL or ADSL plan, and you’re living in a location that has access to fibre, it’s a sure sign that you need to sign up with Stuff Fibre! Fibre is worlds away from the old copper wire connections like ADSL and VDSL. And who better to contact about fibre than a provider who specialises in it?

They’re not just committed to providing the fastest and most reliable connections; they also believe in providing great customer service. When you call them up, you’ll be answered by a real person, and they won't bounce you around different departments. Stuff Fibre NZ also won’t put you on hold for too long, as they respect that your time is precious.

For the service and performance that you’ll get from Stuff Fibre, their broadband plans are undeniably great value for your money.

Is Stuff Fibre the best broadband provider for you?

Stuff Fibre internet is perfect for a modern Kiwi! Most New Zealanders nowadays rely on an internet connection for work, education, and entertainment; so a fast and reliable connection, like the one that Stuff Fibre offers, is essential.

If you want to have multiple devices streaming high-quality games or videos, the Stuff Fibre boost plan, which is up to 9x faster than the standard fibre plan, will bring you lag-less experience. If you want to get even more serious with your connection, you can upgrade the router to the highest-end option to get rid of potential lagging completely.

If you’re looking for the one of the fastest and best value for money providers in NZ, Stuff Fibre internet should be at the top of your list.

Types of Stuff Fibre Broadband NZ Deals, Plans

Stuff Fibre Fibre Broadband Plans

Stuff Fibre offers fibre broadband-only plans. This is a basic plan since it doesn’t offer any extras such as a landline or a high-end router. If your area is already fibre-ready, it’s highly recommended to go for this plan. It’s faster and more reliable than ADSL or VDSL, and even has the boost option which gives you up to 950Mbps download speeds

Stuff Fibre Naked Broadband Plans

Stuff Fibre internet knows that landlines are slowly becoming a thing of the past, so all of the base-level plans they offer are naked. They don’t want to add on features that only some people will use; it’s all a part of creating cheap broadband for Kiwis.

Stuff Fibre Landline Broadband Plans

Stuff Fibre internet doesn't offer a traditional landline, they’ve got something modern! They call it Voice App – it’s an app on your phone that turns your mobile into your landline. It works by connecting your phone to the internet, so you can make unlimited calls nationwide. This app by Stuff Fibre can be used on up to 6 devices at a time per landline, and has the option to integrate your existing landline number.

Stuff Fibre Unlimited Broadband Plans

Stuff Fibre NZ doesn’t bother offering capped plans! In this day and age where broadband is considered an essential utility, they like to keep things simple by offering nothing but unlimited plans. Long gone are the days when you had to manage how many videos you could watch without going over the data limit each month. Stuff Fibre is as modern as you can get with your internet!

Stuff Fibre No Contract Broadband Plans

Stuff Fibre knows that contracts can be an absolute hassle, especially for people who are always on the move. This is why they make it simple and easy for you to choose a no-contract plan. If you do want to sign up for a 12-month contract, Stuff Fibre rewards you with a $10 monthly discount off your bill.

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