Stuff Fibre Plans Compared (2023)

Stuff Fibre broadband makes it easy for you to go fast while online! Boasting a minimum of 100Mbps download speeds, Stuff fibre plans is the next level in connectivity, making it one of the best broadband plans in NZ.

Stuff fibre internet boasts lighting-fast speeds, unlimited data, no fixed-term contracts and of course, great customer service as well as a gigabit router for maximum performance. They even offer high-quality routers for your connection, so that your excellent internet speed isn’t bottlenecked by a low-quality router in your house.

They understand that customers want no hiccups when it comes to their broadband service. So if you’re experiencing any kind of issue regarding your connection or service, you can always contact them to have the problem sorted out at your convenience.

Stuff fibre has also merged with the award-winning telco Slingshot! Check them all out if you are interested. You may also compare Stuff fibre broadband with other internet providers using our free comprehensive comparison tool here at glimp.

Why sign up with Stuff Fibre NZ?

If you want to improve your ADSL or VDSL internet speed and you’re living in an area that has access to fibre broadband, then it’s a sign that you need to sign up with Stuff Fibre! Fibre broadband is much faster than the copper wire connections of old, even when compared to VDSL. And for this connection type, there’s no better provider to contact than Stuff Fibre NZ.

They’re not just committed to providing the fastest and most reliable connections; they also believe in providing great customer service. When you call them up, you’ll be answered by a real person, and they won’t bounce you around different departments. Stuff Fibre NZ also won’t put you on hold for too long, as they respect that your time is precious.

For the service and performance that you’ll get from Stuff Fibre, their broadband plans are undeniably great value for your money.

Is Stuff Fibre NZ the best broadband provider for you?

Stuff Fibre deals are perfect for the modern Kiwi! After all, most New Zealanders rely on an internet connection for work, education, and entertainment nowadays so a fast and reliable connection like Stuff Fibre NZ is essential. 

In case you encounter any difficulties with the service, you can easily reach their NZ-based Stuff Fibre customer service team to help resolve your issues. You can also avail of a Stuff Fibre modem rental if you need it for just $5 a month with a $14.95 postage fee.

If you’re looking for one of the fastest and best value for money internet providers in NZ, Stuff Fibre Broadband is on your list.

Slingshot and Stuff Fibre Broadband Plans

Unlimited Fibre

Starts at $18.40/week and gives access to fibre broadband with no data limits. Experience average download speeds of 97.2 to 318 Mbps with this deal.

Unlimited ADSL/VDSL

Unlimited ADSL/VDSL data for households looking to stream, browse, and play as much as they want without worrying about data caps. It starts at $19.55/week and can reach average download speeds of 8.8 Mbps for ADSL and 38.2 Mbps for VDSL.

All plans come with the standard installation and a modem rental is also available.

Unlimited Gigantic Fibre

This plan starts at $21.85/week and grants access to unlimited fibre with average download speeds of 869 Mbps. This deal is perfect for households with multiple devices connecting and using the internet at the same time. Of course, it’s also perfect if you’re an individual who just wants to have the fastest connection available.

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Peter Allport , 2024-02-23

I'm so happy I asked Glimp for help, to find a service provider that suits our family's budget, without losing quality and unlimited data on both our mobile phones and broadband. Mele Falahola is a Comparison Specialist from Glimp and she was amazing from the beginning. Mele located the right service provider for our needs that will save us money!, fulfil our usage and more! compared to what we were using. My wife and I even asked for a comparison on our electricity bill. Mele responded immediately once she saw our monthly bills and compared it to another provider that not only do not required a contract to stick too (like the mobile and broadband provider Mele recommended) but their price per kWh was so much better! Which is why we changed that also. Thank you Mele and Glimp for your help. We can now look forward to our Christmas holiday in the Cook Islands from what we can now save. :-)

Vicki Munro , 2024-02-12

Glimp saved me time and money finding the right providers while I could focus on getting my family ready and packed for the move. Awesome customer service.

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Great service, Josua from Glimp was great to deal with, very helpful service 👍

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