Wizwireless Satellite Broadband NZ

WIZwireless are a world class rural broadband in Wairarapa and Tararua where a stable internet is difficult to access. Over the years, they have become trusted partners of residents, farm owners, and businesses to improve daily transactions using high-quality internet connection. 

Their founders aim to reach all of rural NZ and become the provider of choice for remote broadband customers. To make this happen, they have installed radio masts in the majority of the region in their effort to keep Kiwis on the loop virtually. 

In addition, they have received multiple awards and recognition for their dedication in broadband service from 2007 to present. It's no wonder that WIZwireless continue to be the leading provider with various options at affordable prices. 

If you're interested in connecting your home or workshop with WIZwireless, head on to glimp to compare deals that best adapt to your requirements.

wizwireless satellite broadband nz

Why choose WIZwireless rural broadband?

WIZwireless know the struggle of connecting online especially when located in far-off places. They are 100% owned and operated by Kiwis, making them the best provider to solve any concern regarding rural broadband connections.

Their goal is to give homes, businesses, workshops, and farmlands the opportunity to experience continuous internet without the hassle. This way, more Kiwis are able to keep up digitally, access online banking, and work from home with ease. 

What are the benefits of signing up with WIZwireless?

Their new technology allows rural users to go online with fibre-like connection using “Air Fibre”, offering fast download and upload speeds for every user. For as low as $59, you can get fast internet and enjoy long hours of emailing, browsing and occasional video streaming at any time you want!  

WIZwireless are also reliable when you need someone to fix your internet connection. Their team of technicians are ready to assist in solving internet problems that may come about. 

Can I use mobile on WIZwireless plan?

You can use WIZwireless network if you have a Vodafone mobile plan plus a Sure Signal hardware from Vodafone Masterton. Enjoy your satellite service with no additional charges. They can also transfer your landline to VoIP service with 2Talk which you can request after signing up with their WIZwireless satellite plan.

Can I upgrade my WIZwireless plan?

You can ask customer service to assist you with your plan upgrade. Your new plan should be effective right away. 

Can I stream sports with WIZwireless rural broadband?

You can watch Rugby live and other shows with WIZwireless internet as long as you have sufficient data and speeds to support watching them. 

Check your speed with glimp’s speed test to know if you're running at enough speeds at the given time.

How do I install WIZwireless in my area?

Before getting a plan with WIZwireless, you  need to  confirm first if they can service your location;  once confirmed, you can contact them at (06) 370 9210 and proceed with the registration.

For a comprehensive list of wireless plans, you can view them using glimp’s comparison tool and find the best deal that suits your preferences!

Compare WIZwireless plans today!

Enjoy fast speeds anytime with broadband options for you. See them here at glimp!

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