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Gravity Internet are a satellite broadband provider, offering a fast and reliable satellite internet in remote homes and businesses throughout New Zealand. Their internet solutions are smart and innovative, making them one of the best broadband options for customers in hard-to-reach areas. 

In 2019, Gravity launched their new satellite technology built by Boeing, which covered 25 countries in Southeast Asia, Pacific Islands, and – most of all – New Zealand. This connected rural areas to exceptional internet speeds and connectivity like never before. 

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Why choose Gravity Broadband?

 Gravity Broadband aim to connect Kiwis in far-off places to a fast internet with limited to zero interruptions. They know how difficult it is for rural households, farms, and businesses to get access to broadband that can adapt to their needs – that’s why they developed satellite plans that Kiwis can use in their daily online activities. 


What are the benefits of purchasing Gravity Broadband?

 Gravity satellite customers can experience internet speeds of between 30 to 50 Mbps , which is up to 4x faster than average wireless broadband plans. Their plans are capable of multiple connectivity, perfect for improved streaming and browsing experience like never before! 

How do I access Gravity satellite broadband? 

 Gravity's satellite services are open to most regions in New Zealand. However, there may be difficulties in reaching out to every customer because of mountains or buildings, barring the line of sight between your location and the satellite. 

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How is Gravity Satellite installed?  

Gravity ensure to conduct preliminary assessments on the site for safety reasons. When checked, they proceed to setting up the new dish on the roof of your house and fix cables to hook up to your router. They’ll configure your router for wifi and connect your devices for free. Once done, you're all set to use Gravity Internet all you want! 

How long do I wait to have Gravity satellite installed?

 Gravity's satellite installation strictly depends on how far you are located. It usually takes between 2 to 4 weeks from the date of application. Their team of technicians will schedule your installation at the earliest date so you can get connected as soon as possible.  

Where can I contact Gravity Broadband?

 You can enquire about their satellite plans at 0800 112 027 or head on to glimp for an accurate result of the best satellite option for you. 

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brent Dinnan , 2020-09-18

Used Glimp to compare prices for Broadband and toke thier adivce and signed up with a new plan saving a fair bit each month... I should have first gone to my provider as the yoffered me a better price to stay with them... lesson learnt

Sophie Turnbull , 2020-09-14

Received great technical support from Ronualdo two times this morning - both times he fixed my problem quick smart! Thank you :)