Bigblu Satellite Broadband

Bigblu Broadband is a UK-based internet provider that offers rural broadband to homes and businesses throughout Europe. They partnered with Kacific in 2021 to provide Kiwis with satellite and rural internet services, particularly in distant areas of New Zealand.

The company's Australasian headquarters in Brisbane will oversee the company’s expansion, which aims to reach 3500 consumers in the next 18 months.

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bigblu satellite nz

Why sign up with Bigblu Satellite

As the newest competitor, Bigblu has a lot to offer in terms of speed, services, and installation to rural homes and businesses that have trouble connecting to the internet - more users from outside major cities can finally access the internet with faster download and upload speeds.

As some areas in NZ do not have fibre connections yet, going for satellite broadband will be the best “genuine alternative” to enjoy streaming videos, movies, and working from home. 

Satellite Broadband FAQs

Is satellite broadband good?

Satellite connection is typically faster than the standard DSL internet, but it’s not as fast as cable streaming or fibre internet. It’s great for browsing, emailing, and watching movies online. 

What does a Satellite internet need? 

You will need someone to install a satellite dish at your property, as well as a modem inside your home with wires linking it to the satellite dish and, in most cases, a wireless router.

Who can get Satellite Broadband? 

Anyone can get a satellite broadband service in NZ, particularly those who don’t have fibre connection yet.

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Rona P , 2024-05-21

[ps: They didn't get back to me and I DIDN'T ACCEPT THE 2Deg OFFER] :-( So far so good, thanks: But I am finding something missing within the 2Deg information about my mobile. I hope they get back to me soon so I can finally decide if I can accept the offer

Wanda Paterson , 2024-04-08

I received a phone call to follow up my inquiry about electricity charges with different suppliers. I was fortunate to be speaking to Isack who was extremely helpful and patient. He explained how much I can save by switching and completed the process on the phone. I am very pleased with the service

Tea Edwards , 2024-03-25

I was a little hesitant to stay on the call when I first picked up but I’m glad I stayed until I did. Josua Legavai was the lovely lady taking care of me. She was so friendly, clear and helpful. She helped me understand everything I needed to and explained everything with great detail. I am still young and learning and have just moved into a new home with my son so I’m grateful she was able to help me today.

Alisa Keall-Grant , 2024-05-15

Very happy with the service received from Isaac at Glimp. Made the process of switching power companies and saving money very easy and streamlined. Thanks!