The Best Primo Rural Broadband Plans NZ

Primo is a NZ-based broadband provider that specialises in rural internet. They deliver ultrafast broadband solutions to those who'd otherwise struggle to find reliable internet access.

Primo Internet NZ plays a big part in the Rural Broadband Initiative, connecting Kiwis in Taranaki to their local ultrafast wireless network. They also have an extensive fibre infrastructure to provide business and residential fibre plans to rural communities.

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Primo Rural Broadband Plans

Primo offers two types of rural broadband connections: fibre and wireless. Both connections give you fast internet access with minimal latency but differ in pricing, availability, and speeds.

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Primo Fibre Broadband Plans
Primo offers three fibre broadband plans with speeds ranging from 50 Mbps to 856 Mbps.

Here's a breakdown of their plans:

Fibre Starter Plan

The Fibre Starter Plan gives you download speeds of up to 50 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 10 Mbps. It's great for general web browsing, video streaming, and light online gaming.

This plan costs NZ $60/month, which is quite affordable compared to most rural broadband plans in NZ.

GoMassive 300 Fibre Plan

The GoMassive 300 Fibre Plan offers download speeds of up to 313 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 109 Mbps.

This is an excellent plan if your household has multiple users who frequently stream high-definition videos and play online games. GoMassive 300 costs NZ $89/month, around the same price you'd expect from city max fibre plans.

GoMassive Max Fibre Plan

GoMassive Max Fibre provides download speeds of up to 856 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 498 Mbps. As Primo's fastest broadband plan, it's perfect for heavy power users, small businesses, and households with a larger number of connected devices.

You can download large files quickly, stream sports and movies in 4k, and enjoy multiplayer online gaming. The GoMassive Max plan is the most expensive, at NZ $109/month, but also the fastest.

Primo Wireless Broadband Plans

Primo offers some of the best broadband solutions for remote households thanks to their extended-coverage wireless networks.

Their wireless internet speeds aren't guaranteed because they depend on several factors, such as:

  • Time of day
  • Your location
  • Internet congestion
  • Your home's location compared to their cell towers

Primo's fast wireless connections come with free installation and router if you opt for a 24-month contract. If you decide to cancel early, you'll need to pay early exit fees of NZ $299. Alternatively, you can opt for an open-term contract and pay NZ $299 installation fees. You'll also need to rent a router for NZ $5/month.

In both cases, you might need to pay NZ $20 for router shipping and handling unless you pick it up from Primo's local office.

Primo offers two wireless broadband plans: limited usage and unlimited data.

Here's a breakdown of their pricing and benefits:

Free Off-Peak Data Plans (Limited Plans)

Primo offers three wireless broadband plans with data usage limits. They also offer free off-peak data from 11 pm to 8 am, meaning you can use the internet as much as you'd like during these hours without consuming your data cap.

You can use their online portal to manage your Primo wireless data usage and track your consumption.

All three plans give you speeds of up to 50 Mbps but differ in pricing and data caps as follows:

  • 100GB Data Cap: NZ $79/month
  • 250GB Data Cap: NZ $99/month
  • 500GB Data Cap: NZ $119/month

PrimoMassive (Unlimited Plan)

The PrimoMassive plan offers the same ultrafast broadband speeds of up to 50 Mbps without the data limit. You can stream, browse, and download as much as you'd like without worrying about running out of data, even during peak hours.

The PrimoMassive plan costs NZ $149/month, which is a bit expensive compared to wireless plans from other broadband providers in NZ.

Primo Business Plans

Primo also offers ultrafast for small businesses and large companies. They are much more affordable than most private telecommunication companies despite offering rural internet, which is usually expensive.

These plans also come with priority support and business-specific features you can tailor to your needs.

Primo Business Fibre - Fast Internet Plans
Primo offers three fast-internet fibre plans with a free router when you sign up for a 12-month contract.

Here's a breakdown of their plans:

  • Go250 Business Fibre: 300/300 Mbps speeds with a 250 GB data cap for NZ $89/month
  • GoMassive 300 Fibre: 300/300 Mbps speeds with unlimited data usage for NZ $99/month
  • GoMassive Max Fibre: 856/498 Mbps speeds with unlimited data allowances for NZ $129/month

Primo Business Wireless Plans

Primo also offers wireless broadband options for businesses. While it's usually better to install Primo fibre when running a large-scale business, Primo's extensive wireless network can be just as robust. It delivers fast broadband with reliable connectivity without major internet hiccups.

Primo's business wireless plans have the same free off-peak data usage as their residential plans. Here's a breakdown of Primo's business wireless plans:

  • 100GB Wireless: Up to 50 Mbps speeds with a 100GB data cap for NZ $99/month
  • 250GB Wireless: Up to 50 Mbps speeds with a 250GB data cap for NZ $119/month
  • 500 GB Wireless: Up to 50 Mbps speeds with a 500GB data cap for NZ $139/month
  • PrimoMassive: Up to 50 Mbps speeds with unlimited data usage for NZ $169/month

Primo Customer Service

Primo has a reliable team that offers free technical phone support. Their customer-oriented team won them the Best Rural Service Provider Award by TUANZ in 2018, so you can imagine their service level.

The Primo customer service team is available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5:30 pm (except public holidays). You can email them or contact them via their social media accounts. They also offer a contact form to help you connect to Primo customer service right away.

Is Primo Rural Broadband Right for You?

It ultimately depends on where you live. Primo offers affordable wireless plans to Kiwis all over NZ, but they specialise in the remote areas of Taranaki. If you live in the city or other areas, you should compare other broadband deals that might be more suitable and affordable.

Primo is an excellent option if you live in Taranaki and want a reliable local broadband provider that can cater to your rural needs. Just make sure you can get fibre at your location or fall under Primo's wireless coverage.

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