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Evolution Networks – also referred to as Evonet – are a fibre and wireless rural broadband provider, primarily serving the Eastern Bay of Plenty region. They’re 100% locally owned and operated – which means that their fast and affordable broadband plans are personally crafted by Kiwis, for Kiwis. 

Evolution Networks NZ have services in over 20 major centres in the Bay of Plenty, including Pikowai, Whakatane, Kutarere, Waiotahi Valley, Te Kaha, and with more to come. They are continuously improving their services and expanding their network coverage, so more Kiwis can take advantage of their internet services.

As well as providing a wide range of broadband plan options for your home, they also offer internet services for rural businesses. Evolution Networks NZ utilise available connections – whether VDSL, fibre, or 4G networks – to provide businesses with fully customised internet solutions. As a result, they’re able to deliver internet speeds as fast as 100Mbps in selected areas of the North Island.

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Evolution Networks have extensive knowledge of how broadband should be, so you can expect the best from their services. If you plan on connecting to them, make sure to use our broadband comparison tool to ensure that they’re the best provider to service your area.

Why sign up with Evolution Networks Rural Broadband?

If you live in the Bay of Plenty area, consider signing up with Evolution Networks NZ. As well as their great broadband plans, they also offer VoIP (telephone) services to both homes and businesses. They’re able to do this because of their partnership with 2Talk – an award-winning business cloud communications company in NZ.

Signing up with Evolution Networks also means you’re supporting the local industry! As they have local operations, they employ local technicians and local customer service teams to connect you online. You won’t only get fast and reliable broadband, you’ll also be helping Kiwis in their livelihood – which is a win for all!

Is it easy to contact Evolution Networks Rural Broadband?

If you have any enquiries about your broadband connection, payment, or installation, simply dial 0800 EVONET (0800 386 638). If you have any concerns outside their business hours, leave them a message on their website’s contact page or Facebook page, and get an immediate response the next working day.

If you happen to experience any network constrictions with your internet, you can check out their Network Status page for any updates. Here they list any current network problems, what resolutions they’re going to take, and what you should expect with your connection. If you have a network-related issue that they’ve not addressed on their webpage, contact their help desk immediately.

What are the benefits of signing up with Evolution Networks?

The broadband plan offerings of Evolution Networks NZ are simple, and don’t come with any unnecessary fancy bells and whistles. As a part of the Rural Broadband Initiative, they’re also consistently improving their coverage and amping up their current network, so Kiwis can experience a faster and more stable connection.

If you live rurally in the Bay of Plenty, and you’re after a rural broadband provider who’s also a part of the RBI, Evolution Networks may just be what you’re looking for! Before finalising your internet plan, make sure to get something that fits your needs by comparing your best options using our comparison tool at glimp.

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