Nova Energy Broadband Plans

Nova Energy - formerly known as Bay of Plenty Energy until late 2012 - are best known for being a New Zealand wide retailer of power and natural gas.

Many don’t realise that they do broadband too - from ADSL to VDSL, fibre to ultra-fast fibre and beyond. Here you can get all you need to know about Nova broadband plans, prices, perks and more. There’s something for everyone with Nova Energy internet, whether you’re an infrequent internet user or an online native.

You can compare broadband prices from Nova Energy NZ and many other leading broadband providers from all around New Zealand now with glimp!

nova energy broadband plans nz

Why Sign Up With Nova Energy?

Nova Energy internet plans offer the convenience of getting all your power, gas, broadband and phone utilities from one provider. You’ll also get to take advantage of all the perks and extras that come with Nova’s offerings.

It’s hard to say no when an internet provider bundles in credit, free modems and home phones. Nova’s 24 Month TV Bundle Plan even comes with a free LG Smart TV! However, for those who would rather keep things basic and not pay extra for all the bells and whistles, Nova Energy NZ may not be the best option.

Is Nova Energy The Best Broadband Provider For You?

Nova Energy internet plans are perfect for those who don’t mind paying a bit extra to enjoy the perks that come with them.

Things like free gadgets and credit are real deal makers for some, but unnecessary extras for others - it all depends on who you are and what you want out of your internet service provider.

Still unsure about who to choose? Compare Nova Energy NZ with other broadband providers to figure out the best broadband solution to suit your needs.

Types of Nova Energy Broadband Plans and Deals Online NZ

Nova Energy Fibre Broadband Plans

Starting at $89.99, Nova Energy internet fibre comes in two flavours: the standard 100/20 fibre connection at a cheaper rate, and the more expensive ultra-fast fibre 200/20 (if you’re willing to shell out a bit more for the extra speed). Both plans come with a free modem, and both come with unlimited bandwidth.

Nova Energy Unlimited Broadband Plans

Nova Energy NZ offers some of the best options for unlimited internet. All of Nova Energy’s plans come with unlimited bandwidth, so you can say goodbye to hitting your limit right when your favourite show comes out. Whether it’s a fibre, VDSL or ADSL connection, Nova has you covered with their diverse range of unlimited plans.

Nova Energy Naked Broadband Plans

Nova Energy internet options for unlimited plans are many and varied, with the option to add a phone line only if you wish. Naked options are great for those who make all their calls from their smartphones, allowing for extra savings on their monthly utility bill.

Nova Energy VDSL Broadband Plans

Starting at $89.99, Nova Energy has you covered with a basic VDSL plan that comes with a free modem when you sign up. VDSL is a great option for those who don’t yet have fibre available at their property, but still want fast connectivity.

Nova Energy ADSL Broadband Plans

Nova Energy NZ delivers on the ADSL front too. If your primary internet activities include emails, browsing and social media, ADSL will do you just fine. Nova Energy ADSL plans start from $89.99, which is an upper to mid-range price when compared to the competition.

Nova Energy Landline Broadband Plans

Nova Energy internet plans are flexible and can come bundled with a phone line for as little as $10 a month. Nova’s 12 Month Smart Home Broadband and Phone plan even comes with $500 worth of prepaid credit, what’s not to love about that?!

Compare Nova Energy broadband plans now.

Get the most out of your broadband and compare Nova Energy plans today.

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