Compass Broadband Fibre Plans

Compass' mission is to bring the internet's potential to life by providing dependable services. They cater to both casual and heavy internet users. They’re a well-known New Zealand's cheapest internet provider, which is something that many service providers strive for.

Compass provides a variety of internet plans, including ultra-fast fibre broadband. It’s the current global standard for internet users. As the government continues to develop infrastructure, a growing number of properties are becoming fibre-ready.

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Why sign up with Compass Fibre?

Compass is among the country’s smallest internet service providers, yet they provide a wide variety of affordable internet services.

They have a customer-centric service, and they’re keen on demonstrating their value to new and existing consumers. Compass may lack some of the attractive features offered by larger firms, but they offer a more individualised experience than other of the country's telecoms giants.

Flexible payments

Compass NZ is best suited to customers who are on a tight budget and want to pay less on their internet connection. You can pay your Compass fibre plan on a monthly, weekly, or prepaid basis, starting at $3 per day.

Types of Compass Broadband Fibre Plans NZ


Compass offers three types of fibre plans that you can pay on a monthly basis.

Fibre 30

This connection costs $74.95 per month, perfect for lower bandwidth users. It includes unlimited data, a free gigabit wifi router, free installation and up to 30Mbps download/10 Mbps upload speeds

Fibre 100

If you're frequently on Netflix and Youtube, this plan is suitable for you. For only $79.95 per month, you can enjoy unlimited data, a free gigabit wifi router, free installation and up to 100Mbps download/20Mbps upload speeds. This is ideal for busy households with more than 5 occupants.

Fibre Max

For those looking for a faster connection in their area, this plan suits you best. Compass offers the fastest home internet in New Zealand, with unlimited data, a free gigabit wifi router, free installation, and download/upload speeds of up to 900Mbps/450Mbps. You can view your favourite TV and movies in 4K resolution at this pace!


Make payments according to your earning cycle with Compass fibre weekly plans.

Fibre 100

For $19.95 per week, you can enjoy unlimited data and a free gigabit wifi router and installation.

Fibre MAX

You can have faster residential internet speeds with unlimited fibre and a free gigabit wifi router inclusive of installation, for $24.95 weekly.


For a more affordable connection, you can choose Compass prepaid fibre with no fixed terms, credit checks and zero penalties or late fees. You can also add a landline for $1 per day.

Prepaid Fibre 100

This plan starts at $3 daily that includes unlimited data and free fibre installation.

Prepaid Fibre MAX

For $3.75 daily, you can enjoy unlimited data and free installation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to sign up for My Compass?

If you have a Compass number, you can sign up through its customer portal. Once you’re registered, you can monitor and check your invoices for any subscription.

Can I pay weekly if I’m not on a monthly plan?

If you're already on a monthly plan, you can't pay weekly. You should cancel your current contract with Compass and sign up with a new weekly payment plan. Contact their support team if you want to switch to a weekly payment plan. You’ll need to sign a new agreement with a new term of 24 months.

Do I need a new modem for Compass fibre?

In most circumstances, you need to purchase a new modem for your Compass fibre connection. When you connect, you can choose between two modems: the EA1200 wireless modem for $99 or the TP-link NF4V wireless modem for $199.

The EA1200 is ideal for accessing the web, emailing and printing wirelessly, and connecting several devices in standard-sized homes and flats. The TP-Link wireless router provides enough capacity for bandwidth-intensive apps.

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Tariq Islam , 2024-07-04

I recently had the pleasure of interacting with a customer service representative from Glimp and the experience was exceptional. From the moment I reached out for assistance, I was met with professionalism, friendliness, and a genuine willingness to help. Thanks Glimp for making it simple to navigate through various options for broadband.

Hanish Parmar , 2024-06-14

Awesome call taken by Joshua Solomone. He understood my requirements related to power and gas, did his investigations to find the best alternative service provider for me and found the best one available in the market. Not only that, Joshua also made sure that I got the best deal too.

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Jordan has a very pleasant phone manner, even saying I sound younger than I am (blush) and noted my birthday was coming up soon - very personable, lovely and friendly demeanour. Also conscientious, intelligent and professional. Thank you Jordan for making it easy for me gracefully :)

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Dealt with Aisake, great experience, walked me through my power and gas bill and explained thoroughly to me what it all meant. Was able to provide me with the best deal for my internet provider. What a relief to be saving some money for a change! Thanks again Aisake

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Had a great experience with Glimp. Customer service from Jordan was amazing and she was very thorough when explaining everything and she found me a much cheaper rate for power and internet. The service is very appreciated 😁