Best Farmside Broadband Plans Compared (2023)

Based in Timaru, those at Farmside know rural because they are rural. That’s how they became New Zealand’s leading rural internet service provider.

They have a range of connectivity options for all scenarios in the New Zealand countryside. Farmside internet can provide you with anything from fibre and copper wire (VDSL or ADSL) to satellite and wireless. They understand what it means to be struggling with connectivity in rural New Zealand, and that you’ll want to be talking to real humans who know what they’re talking about. Farmside NZ are proud to base their call centre in Timaru.

When you compare broadband deals, you’ll see that Farmside internet are one of the best rural broadband providers in NZ... and it’s not hard to see why.

Why sign up with Farmside?

Farmside broadband plans are ideal for anyone trying to get an internet connection in their rural property.

Farmside NZ are rural through and through - they know that a great deal of Kiwis live beyond city limits, and that these Kiwis deserve to be provided for. They want to make that connection as effortless as possible. They also have extensive coverage of rural areas thanks to the RBI (Rural Broadband Initiative). Compared to other internet providers in NZ, their rural broadband is often superior.

Is Farmside the best Broadband Provider for you?

If you live rurally and you want to connect with a provider who actually understands you, Farmside internet is a great choice.

Farmside NZ uses their insight into living rurally, and want to do whatever they can to make everything as easy as possible for you. Even if you live somewhere like the Chathams or Haast, Farmside has specific plans for you so that you aren’t left in the lurch. If you live in one of the South Islands major centres, there are plans for you too, even one with a fibre connection.

Types of Farmside Broadband Plans and Deals

Farmside ADSL Broadband Plans

If you have a close enough connection to an existing copper wire network, then you’ll have an opportunity to secure an ADSL connection. ADSL makes for a consistent and steady internet stream. It’s great if you want easy access without putting much pressure on your connection. If you want high-quality video streaming or online gaming, you’ll need to see if you can get a VDSL connection.

Farmside Naked Broadband Plans

Home-lines are becoming less and less common, even in rural areas. So if you think your landline is redundant, Farmside NZ makes it easy for you to pick a broadband plan that doesn’t come with a landline. That way, you won’t be paying for something that you don’t actually use.

Farmside Landline Broadband Plans

Despite the decline in popularity of landlines, Farmside NZ still makes it easy to pick a plan that still comes with a landline. For an additional $10 per month, you can add a home-line with a single click. If you’re going to need unlimited national calling, you can get that too for an extra $10 per month.

Farmside Unlimited Broadband Plans

If you have a large household, or rely on an internet connection for work, then you’ll want to get onto one of the Farmside unlimited plans. A data cap can be debilitating if you run out of internet before the end of the month, so avoid those moments and forget about the worry of using the right amount of data with an unlimited plan.

Farmside VDSL Broadband Plans

If you have the opportunity to get a copper connection, you should definitely go for VDSL. At twice the speed than ADSL broadband, VDSL is better suited to users who are regularly streaming and gaming. Although VDSL is not quite the speed of fibre, it can still handle some heavy usage.

Farmside Rural Broadband Plans

If you’re aren’t living within the vicinity of a copper wire connection, then Farmside internet has your back with their Wireless Rural Broadband plans. With all kinds of 3G and 4G connection options, they can secure your internet. They have a map on their website so you can see exactly what they provide, allowing you to compare their rural broadband to other providers.

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Tariq Islam , 2024-07-04

I recently had the pleasure of interacting with a customer service representative from Glimp and the experience was exceptional. From the moment I reached out for assistance, I was met with professionalism, friendliness, and a genuine willingness to help. Thanks Glimp for making it simple to navigate through various options for broadband.

Hanish Parmar , 2024-06-14

Awesome call taken by Joshua Solomone. He understood my requirements related to power and gas, did his investigations to find the best alternative service provider for me and found the best one available in the market. Not only that, Joshua also made sure that I got the best deal too.

Rebecca Wilson , 2024-06-06

Jordan has a very pleasant phone manner, even saying I sound younger than I am (blush) and noted my birthday was coming up soon - very personable, lovely and friendly demeanour. Also conscientious, intelligent and professional. Thank you Jordan for making it easy for me gracefully :)

Paula , 2024-07-02

Dealt with Aisake, great experience, walked me through my power and gas bill and explained thoroughly to me what it all meant. Was able to provide me with the best deal for my internet provider. What a relief to be saving some money for a change! Thanks again Aisake

BearStrength NZ , 2024-06-21

Had a great experience with Glimp. Customer service from Jordan was amazing and she was very thorough when explaining everything and she found me a much cheaper rate for power and internet. The service is very appreciated 😁