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In today’s world, broadband is now more of a necessity rather than an optional utility in New Zealand – and it’s easy to see why. Having an internet connection in your home or office brings a lot of great benefits that make our daily lives easier and more convenient. Luckily, broadband is widely available throughout the country, so it’s never been easier to connect to the internet.

Frequently asked questions

What broadband types are available in my location?

While broadband is widely available across New Zealand, some areas are able to take advantage of faster broadband; mostly those who are near a fibre-fed cabinet. Generally, there are four connection types available in NZ – fibre, ADSL, VDSL, and satellite broadband.

To check which broadband connection types are available at your address, use our broadband address checker. Simply enter your location, and see what options are available. Take note that not all providers have broadband services in your area, so it’s important to compare comprehensively with glimp.

What if fibre broadband is not available in my area?

If you want to get a fibre broadband plan, but it’s not available in your area yet, don’t worry. The New Zealand government, along with NZ’s leading broadband providers, are working to expand the reach of fibre to even the most rural areas of the country. Some of the on-going projects to achieve this are the Ultrafast Fibre Broadband Initiative and the Rural Broadband Initiative, which aim to connect 98% of the country to fibre by 2021. For now, you can use our 4G Broadband coverage checker to see which areas are available.

If fibre hasn’t rolled out in your area yet, you may still connect to fast broadband through VDSL. This is the second most stable and fastest broadband connection in New Zealand, and it’s more widely available too. Otherwise, connecting to ADSL isn’t bad as well, with speeds topping at 10Mbps download and 1Mbps upload.

What is the fastest broadband connection in New Zealand?

The fastest broadband connection in New Zealand is fibre broadband. Depending on your plan, speeds can reach up to 1Gbps download and 500Mbps upload. Even for simultaneous heavy usage, it can still deliver a lag-less online experience.

Although these speeds may not be available at your address, you can still get anywhere between 100Mbps to 500Mbps download depending on your location. While these speeds are lower, they’re still fast enough even for heavy internet usage.

What is the best broadband plan in New Zealand?

There isn’t only one best broadband plan in NZ; one plan can be the best offer for you while it may not suit others. Determining the best broadband plan actually depends on several factors, such as how you use the internet, how much internet you use, what your budget is, and more.

If you want to get the best broadband plan that ticks all the right boxes, use our comparison tool to get comprehensive results. We just need some information to tailor your results and find you the best broadband plan for your needs.

Is broadband expensive? 

While most broadband plans in New Zealand are reasonably priced, it can be expensive if you don’t find the right internet plan that gives you what you need. This is why it’s important to know your internet needs first before purchasing a broadband plan.

If you’ve seen plenty of broadband providers that can cater to your needs, use our comparison to narrow down your search. We only list deals from the most trusted providers in the country, so you can rest assured that you’ll get the most value for your money.

How can I improve my broadband speeds?

There are plenty of ways that you can improve the speeds of your broadband. Some may be simple things, like relocating your router or ensuring a tight snug from your cable to cable. However, some may include upgrading some of your internet devices, such as routers, mesh routers, and wifi extenders.

If these fixes still don’t improve your broadband speeds, it may be time to switch to a faster and more reliable plan. You can check if fibre is available in your area through a broadband checker, so you can enjoy the fastest internet speeds in the country.

What inclusions should I get in my broadband plan?

You should only look at getting the inclusions that you actually need. If you use telephone services regularly, you may want to add a landline. You can also look at purchasing a plan with bundles for power, TV streaming, or mobile. Different broadband providers have different inclusions in their broadband offerings, so make sure to choose the best one for you with our broadband checker.

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