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The Ultrafast Fibre Broadband (UFB) network is rolling out through out New Zealand. We repeat fibre is coming to town! And we believe you should start connecting to it right now. "But why would I?", you may ask. Well, read below and you may just find out why…

Engrained in our lives.

The internet is such a part of our lives that most of us can't go without checking latest updates on Facebook. Here at glimp, it is very interesting that lots of Kiwis are still opting out of the benefits of having a fibre broadband connection. This may be due to not knowing if fibre is available in their neighbourhood or the lengthy setup process, which we hope to cover in our next blog article. Luckily at glimp we can tell you when fibre is expected to be rolled out in your area. If it is not available as of today, you will see a message saying "Fibre is planned to be installed in your area by June 2018." and the fibre filters will be highlighted grey and unavailable to use . If it is available, then select one of the fibre filters and you will be surprised how much faster and usually cheaper they are as compared to ADSL/VDSL plans.

Faster Internet.

As mentioned before you may be able to get a faster internet connection, but how fast is fibre broadband? Well, be prepared to be blown away. Let's say you are downloading your favourite 2 hour High Definition movie. If you are connected to ADSL, with an average speed of 10Mbps, it would take you 60 minutes to download that movie. With VDSL and average speed of 20Mbps it would take approximately 32 minutes. Now, with Fibre and speed of 100Mbps, it would only take you 4.5 minutes. That is crazy! So why wait or plan your movie nights ahead, when you can start enjoying your movie in just 4.5 minutes. This is possible due to the speed of connection Fibre offers you. Let's just say a lot of things will become so fast, it will be almost instant. Speed doesn't matter to you? Well, maybe next point will change your mind!

Cheaper Price.

You heard that right. Here at glimp, we looked at all of our plans and find that on average fibre plans are cheaper or the same as the copper based ADSL or VDSL. For example, you can get an ADSL broadband plan for $79 with unlimited data and top speeds of 10Mbps. For the same price you can get an unlimited broadband plan with Fibre with a speed of 100Mpbs. And if we look at the speeds, you just saved yourself 55.5 minutes downloading that 2 hour High Definition movie. Also, since the cost of fibre installation is subsidised, which means it will most likely not cost you anything to install it.

Your neighbours are doing it and reaping the benefits!

Sign up to fibre broadband has been increasing year on year, so chances are your neighbour down the street is already enjoying a fibre broadband connection. In 2015, there were over 100,000 homes connected to fibre, which is great, however the number is still small in the uptake, which makes us here at glimp sad. So if you do have fibre broadband on your street or apartment complex then we encourage you to compare broadband plans on our website and convert to fibre. The sooner you do it, the easier it will be in the future.

Overall, we think change is good and are excited to see where the industry is heading. The government has been rolling out ultra fast fibre broadband across New Zealand for quite some time now. You've probably seen it on the news. There are some downsides, however the upsides of updating to ultra fast fibre broadband outweighs those downsides. Hence, we really think that if you can get fibre, then you should! Go to and compare broadband plans now for free! And who knows you may get some cash back, sweet gear or half price with your broadband plan.

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