The Fast Era: Which Broadband Plans are Fastest?

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Faster is always better, especially when it comes to internet. Like every service, you want to get the most out of your money, which means your internet should work at its optimal level at all times. And with the huge number of devices that can now connect to the internet, like smart TVs, smartphones and even gaming consoles, a fast broadband plan is essential to accommodate for this era’s heavy internet needs. 


On that note, nothing provides faster broadband technology than fibre broadband plans. By using fibre optic cables instead of the old copper cables that DSL connections use, data transmits at an incredibly fast rate. Fibre doesn’t suffer if there are plenty of devices connected simultaneously. However, not every fibre plan is created equal, so if you want only the fastest available broadband plan, check out our fibre broadband guide below! 

100/20 Mbps

The first step on the Ultra-Fast Broadband ladder, a broadband plan speed of 100/20 Mbps, will blow you away after switching from a DSL connection. Downloading a 5 GB HD movie will only take 6 minutes, and downloading 100 songs at 5 MB each (500 MB altogether) takes less than 30 seconds. When it comes to streaming or downloading multiple HD simultaneously, this speed is more than enough for 3-5 users. 

200/20 Mbps

Fibre broadband with speeds of up to 200/20 Mbps is perfect for a large tech family or household. Download speeds are phenomenal – downloading 100 songs at 5MB each in only 12 seconds, and downloading an HD movie at 5GB in approximately 3 minutes. Although you won’t notice much of a difference in terms of day-to-day online activities, this speed is ideal for many concurrent users who are often streaming and downloading. Doubling download speeds should keep your household and work techies more than happy, with little extra cost per month. 

950/500 Mbps

This is the fastest speed that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer at glimp. Otherwise known as gigabit plans, these plans have ground-breaking speeds of up to 950/500 Mbps and are recommended for big businesses or corporations with hundreds of devices that rely heavily on fast broadband. Want to download that HD movie again? That’s 40 seconds. 100 songs? 2 seconds. That’s information basically available at your fingertips.

In the broadband world, speed equals quality. With fast fibre broadband plans, everyone in your household can enjoy fast and reliable internet without worrying about it slowing down no matter how many devices are connected to the internet. Check whether you can upgrade to fibre connections with our free broadband comparison tool! 

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