Job Search 101: Where To Find A Job In New Zealand

Jan 29, 2021
By Staff writer

Looking for the right job in New Zealand isn’t easy. The market is very competitive, and it can be hard to land a job. Of course, the challenges due to the pandemic have made it even harder!

According to the forecast of, the unemployment rate is expected to go above 8% by the end of 2020. The ending of wage subsidy from employers hasn’t helped with the job losses either. 

Thanks to the government and the industries’ continuous effort, the New Zealand job market is slowly bouncing back to pre-pandemic levels, especially in IT and communications, manufacturing, transport and logistics, as well as trade and services. So don't lose hope. Here's your guide on how to find a job in New Zealand.

Where can I find a job in New Zealand?

If you want to land a job that matches your skills and qualifications, you can start looking at job listing websites.

These ten websites are the go-to for many Kiwis looking to find the right job.

1. TradeMe Jobs

TradeMe Jobs list a wide variety of employment opportunities, ranging from labour-intensive to professional jobs. What’s great about them is their filtering system. If you live in Auckland, you can simply select ‘Jobs in Auckland’ and it will show results for you.

2. Indeed

Indeed is perfect for job hunters, looking for opportunities both locally and internationally. Available in over 60 countries, you can simply filter your employment opportunities per city to match the best job for you. This way, you can always find the best job near you.

3. Seek NZ

Often named as the number one employment site in New Zealand, Seek matches the best jobs for you and gives you tips on how to ace them. They allow you to set a profile, which you can use to get updates on the jobs you want.

4. is the leading website by the government to help Kiwis in their job hunting. They have tools where you can build your CV, find the career that matches your qualifications, advice for your interview, and more. 


Want to get a job in some of the top companies in New Zealand? Go to! They post jobs from Wellington WGN, AWF Madison, Deloitte, SkyCity, Toyota, among others. They add new jobs regularly to keep you posted every time.

6. Student Job Search

Are you still building your job profile? Student Job Search (SJS) helps students and first-time job seekers in their employment journey. It’s where a lot of employers look for young talent across New Zealand.

7. is a 100% Kiwi-owned job listing website. It features different white and blue collared jobs in companies from different cities and towns across the country. Their filter system includes not only location, but also keywords, salary range, and employment type.

8. Shopless

Whether you're looking for technical or professional job opportunities, you can browse for them using Shopless! You can use their comprehensive filter for your preferred location, salary range, distance from your home, and more. The best part is, 20% of their revenue goes out to charity! By simply looking for jobs, you can help someone in need.

9. Company websites

Nothing beats a quick visit on the website of the company you want to apply to! Most sites now have a careers page where you can find their job vacancies in the company. You can either apply to their website or send your credentials via email.

You can also send an email directly to the managers, or even the CEO, and pitch your work plans for their company! If you make it compelling enough, you might just get their attention. Don't believe us? Check out this thread from Sahil Lavingia, CEO and Founder of artists' online platform Gumroad: "How to get a dream job at your dream company."

10. Industry-related websites

Otherwise, visit industry-related websites in New Zealand! If you’re looking for a job in healthcare, Kiwi Health Jobs is a good choice. For farm-related careers, go to Farm Source NZ. There are plenty of industry-related websites, so conduct your research accordingly.

11. Location-specific websites

If you don’t want to be away from home, get hired by a company near you. To try out your luck, you may have to visit location-specific websites. To find jobs in Auckland, Albany Executive Recruitment, RecruitMum, and Alignz Recruitment are some of the best.

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What’s the best website for my qualifications?

There’s little to no discrimination against age, race, skin colour, appearance, and gender in New Zealand. Of course, you need to qualify for the job — that’s given. However, you also need to promote strengths and positive traits accordingly. 

To find the right job, here’s a quick list of websites for different classifications.

For first-time job seekers:

For students and graduates:

For migrants:

What are the most in-demand jobs in New Zealand?

Although many industries have suffered big losses due to COVID-19, some jobs remain in-demand. With different industries recovering from hardships last year, the employment opportunity you’re looking for may be more in demand this year.

Take a look at this shortlist of the most popular jobs in the country. Note that it may vary greatly depending on location, time of year, and demand. It always changes, so use it as your reference. 

Nursing and medical careers

It’s no surprise that nursing and medical careers have shown a big rise last year, and it’s expected to be the same this year. Medical employment opportunities including doctors, caregivers, nurses, and nursing staff will become especially important.

Virtual/administrative assistants

Aside from administrative assistants, virtual assistants will become more in-demand too! This is especially true as most businesses have adapted the remote work setup. The roles also related to this are office staff, secretary, and receptionist.

Warehouse/distribution careers

This comes to no shock as well! Warehouse and distribution have been a vital role in keeping the economy running amidst the pandemic. With most of the world still struggling to contain the virus, this will be more important than ever.

IT and communications careers

IT and communications are vital industries in making your online experience better. These roles are expected to still be in demand this year. This also includes developers and software engineers, as well as digital marketing roles such as marketing managers and content managers.

Customer service and retail jobs

Jobs in customer service and retail have been in demand even before the pandemic. With the challenges brought by COVID-19, they have become more in demand as people address their concerns online.

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Useful tips when job hunting

As mentioned, it can be hard to find a job in New Zealand. However, you can make it easier if you know the best job application practices preferred by employers. Check out these tips to secure the right job in New Zealand.

Research about your employment

Preparation will never fail you. If you want to know the right qualifications for the job or the right salary package for your position, then conduct your research. It also helps you find the best jobs that match your skill sets, as well as useful hacks to proceed with your employment search.

Draft a compelling resume and cover letter

Once you’re done conducting your research, it’s time to draft a compelling resume and cover letter. As employers only look at your documents for a short time, make it brief and use keywords. It’s recommended to write down all the relevant information in one-page if possible.

Prepare for the interview

After you’ve aced your resume and cover letter, the next step to face is the interview. No matter how compelling your credentials are, it’s just one part of the employment process. To up your chances of getting hired, you can conduct a simulated interview or research the hiring process in the company so as to set some of your expectations.

Be confident and show your unique traits

Have you prepared all the documents and know the best answers for all the questions? This helps you with your confidence and eliminate anxiety. It can be nerve-wracking when you face the interviewer. It’s okay to be nervous, but don’t forget to remind yourself of what you came here for: to prove that you're worthy for the post.

Get the latest updates on job vacancies!

Some job listings and company websites can send job vacancies on your email! Make sure to subscribe to their newsletter and turn on your notifications. Or, visit different job listing websites regularly to keep updated.

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