Where is the Fastest Internet in New Zealand?

Date Jul 13, 2020
Blog category Broadband
By Michael Speight

If you had to guess which city has the fastest internet speed in New Zealand, which city would you pick? The results may surprise you! In this blog post, we look at data provided by Chorus, to see which cities experience the fastest internet speeds in New Zealand.

Find out below which locations have the fastest internet speed in New Zealand and see how your region compares! 

1. Dunedin City – Average Speeds Of 196.3Mbps

This may surprise some but Dunedin has the fastest internet speeds across New Zealand. Average internet speeds are four times faster than the next fastest city in New Zealand.

The reason for this is the GigCity developments made by Chorus. Chorus awarded Dunedin with a $200,000 development fund for their broadband network, the upgrades mean that Dunedin experience the fastest internet for a city in the Southern Hemisphere. The benefits of these substantially faster internet speeds mean that Dunedin’s tech companies and other businesses have a massive competitive advantage in the market.

2. North Shore City - Average Speeds Of 54.3Mbps

The blazing internet speeds experienced by Dunedin make the rest of the speeds from this list look significantly slower in comparison. North Shore City are rated as having the second fastest internet speeds in New Zealand with a respectable mean score 54.3Mbps. 

3. Rotorua District - Average Speeds Of 52.8Mbps

Rotorua scored the third fastest internet speeds in New Zealand with average internet speeds of 52.8Mbps. In the last 12 months, we can see that the investments in Fibre Broadband Plans are starting to pay off as Rotorua recorded a 50% increase in broadband speeds over the last 12 month.

How Do Other Regions Rank for Broadband Speed?  Overall, the average download speeds recorded for the top 10 fastest cities are fairly similar, with Dunedin being a massive outlier out of the regions mentioned.

See the full list of fastest average internet speeds below! Where does your region rank?

1. Dunedin City – Average Speeds Of 196.3Mbps
2. North Shore City - Average Speeds Of 54.3Mbps
3. Rotorua District - Average Speeds Of 52.8Mbps
4. Porirua City - Average Speeds Of 47.7Mbps
5. Auckland City - Average Speeds Of 45.4Mbps
6. Manukau City - Average Speeds Of 45Mbps
7. Lower Hutt City - Average Speeds Of 43.9Mbps
8. Masterton District - Average Speeds Of 43.4Mbps
9. Nelson City - Average Speeds Of 43Mbps
10. Papakura District - Average Speeds Of 42.7Mbps


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