Personal loans: what you need to know before deciding on a single loan.

Date Jul 13, 2020
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By Michael Speight


Personal loans are abundant, so abundant, in fact, that it is quite easy to lose track of your initial purpose. More often than not, borrowers will choose the option that sounds more tempting than other ones without taking care to get informed properly beforehand. Don't make that mistake!

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For one thing, barely the terms and conditions will tell you all you need to know in terms of potential drawbacks. Further out, all lenders are obliged to provide the borrower with a disclosure statement. It includes information on how rates and fees are calculated, what happens in case of a default, and possible consequences of changing the terms yourself.

Generally speaking, installment loans are always a better option than short term loans, as they come with lower interest rates albeit having some other drawbacks. They can also be secured or unsecured and have fixed or variable interest rates. Following so far?

How easy are easy loans? 

Easy loans are usually understood as a shortcut to coming into some money to help you with your daily needs until the next payday. That, or securing funds for emergency situations. The latter more often than not calls for a timely money inflow and small loans guarantee exactly that.

Small loans are offered by a wide variety of lenders, from banks to unions to finance institutions. Given that they stipulate high daily interest rates (between 1% and 1.7%, generally speaking), they easily make for the most lucrative prospect for any lender. Well, you want them to become lucrative on your end, too. 

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Also, keep in mind that banks are not always the best of solutions. If you are a union member, make use of that. Unions, as a rule, provide better rates to their beneficiaries. Don't forget that repayments need to be made weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, and that there are also other fees to calculate in. On average, a typical $200 small loan will cost you around $250, fees and interest rates factored in. Commonly used short term loans are payday loans, holiday loans, and emergency loans.

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Low Interest Loans: Things to Look for When Choosing the Lender. 

To many, low interest loans sound like wishful thinking, but it is not necessarily so. Namely, if you make thorough assessments and calculations, you are likely to pull it off.  That, and getting acknowledged with the terms and conditions and the fine print guarantees a happy ending. 

The usual practice of to-become borrowers is to look at interest rates first. These need some clarification too, as in case of personal loans, there is always more than meets the eye. The first thing to understand in this regard is that interest rates may be fixed or variable. With fixed rates, there are no surprises. If you calculate your monthly budget properly, you will have no troubles repaying them. However, fixed rates are higher than variable ones, and there's no telling whether the latter might prove more beneficial in the long run. Namely, variable rates can go both up and down, depending on many factors and specific lenders. 

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If you need more money, you might wish to consider other personal loans first. These come with lower rates (quick loans have the highest rates of all) and might include other benefits. One notable example is the no early exit penalty feature, which allows for paying off the loan sooner - the achievement certain to save you loads of money on interest rates alone in the long run. 

As stated above, personal loans are either secured or unsecured. Secured ones are easier to qualify for, as the lender is guaranteed to repossess the asset should you default under the agreement. The usual assets include a house, a car, or a boat. Secured loans have the lowest interest rates. Unsecured personal loans, on the other hand, have higher interest rates, but are asset-free. For that reason, the qualification process is a bit more difficult and calls for voluminous documentation. 

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Sounds complicated? The good news is: loans are just a bunch of figures and terminology and the key to a satisfactory conclusion is understanding them all. Listed below are the terms you are bound to encounter:

  • Lender - the institution providing the funds;
  • Debt - the sum you are to repay;
  • Interest - the cost of borrowing money; 
  • Interest rate - the percentage of a loan to be paid back as interest; 
  • Asset - an item of ownership;
  • Collateral - the pledge of an asset;
  • Credit report - a record showing previous debt payments.

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Personal Loans: Understanding Your Credit Score. 

Your credit score matters a good deal in terms of personal loans. If you don't know it yet, make sure to fix that mistake immediately. A better credit score guarantees higher upper limits at lower interest rates, and nothing could be more important than that. 

Did you know that 92% of New Zealanders don't know their credit score and 72% of them aren't even familiar with the term? According to recent research, only 13% of New Zealanders have ever ordered their full credit history. Well, time to change the statistics! 

Getting a copy of your credit report is quite easy, as it were. You can get it online for free (look up the services offering it - there are many of those around) or order a copy from Dun & Bradstreet, Centrix, or Veda Advantage. The higher your credit score is, the lower the interest rates will be. It's that simple. If your credit score is lower than you need it to be, keep in mind that your salary and the length of employment also play an important role in the decision making process. All in good time! Make the best of the offer with Glimp!

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