What Power Companies Are Available In My Area? Find Out Now!

Jan 30, 2022
By Staff writer

"What power companies are available in my area," you ask? If you're still not in the habit of easily comparing Power plans using glimp's FREE comparison tool, there's a chance you're missing out on the best deals available in your area.

Of course, just as you'd compare prices and specs for a big purchase, it's also important to compare utility deals first to make sure you're getting the right plan. Make no mistake, it's not just about choosing the cheapest option for you, either. It's a balance of choosing from deals and services, so you can see which will actually save you more in the long run. Electricity is your most important commodity, so it's only right you choose the best provider for you.

You have lots of options to choose from NZ Power providers, including exclusive deals you wouldn't usually see on their websites. While it's easier to search for power companies in your area today, it's still important to get an idea of how electricity works before choosing.

What's the difference between a power distributor and a power retailer?

Make sure you know the difference between the two:

Power distributor

A power distributor owns the local electricity network in your area and is responsible for operating and maintaining it. They get power from the national power transmission grid and then transport it through poles, wires, and cable to each property. 

Only one power distributor is in an area, and the only time you usually have to deal with them is when you fault your property or lose your electricity. Some power distributors in New Zealand include Powerco, Vector, Wellington Electricity, and Orion.

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Power retailer

On the other hand, a power retailer is the one you pay for your power. They buy the energy from the wholesale power market and then resell it to you. They will be responsible for answering your queries and concerns regarding power issues. In New Zealand, some power retailers generate the country's electricity. Some of the leading power companies include Mercury, Powershop, and Meridian.

Want to find out the power company you're with? Here's how:

You can go to Electricity Authority's website to check their page. It lets you look up the information about your power connection through your address or ICP number, which you can find on your power bill.

Information you'll get:

  • Your ICP number
  • The address that your electricity company associates with your property
  • Power distributor
  • Any generation at the address
  • Trader (a 4-letter code for your power retailer)
  • Network pricing that indicates the pricing codes of your distribution company 
  • Your ICP status

If the 4-letter codes may not be familiar to you, don't worry because you can quickly check them on the complete list of registry participants.

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Know your energy plan

Once you have a better grasp of your power bills and options, you can read your monthly bills to understand how the pricing on your current energy plan works. If you're not the one who set up your current plan, make sure to ask about your contract terms to your landlord.

Choosing the right power provider

Now that you know where and how to look for energy providers, it's time to find out how you can choose wisely.

Price is not just the only factor you should consider when picking a plan or switching to a new provider. You also need to consider other things such as the contract length, the power provider's reputation, customer service, and additional fees you might have to pay.


Advantages of comparing

Cheaper plans

By comparing, you'll be able to choose from affordable plans suitable for your location and energy consumption.

Deals and discounts

Comparing power plans can save you more money with discounts and exclusive deals that you wouldn't normally find on providers' websites.

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Joining credits

Power providers often offer joining credits and rewards to new customers, which you can easily compare using a comparison tool.

Bundle deals

Apart from regular power plans, providers also let you bundle electricity with other utilities such as gas and broadband for a lower price.

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Additional tips before making a choice

As you look at your results, make sure to consider the following:

  • What is the price per kilowatt-hour?
  • Is it a fixed rate or variable rate?
  • What is the length of the plan? Is it a fixed contract or an open term?
  • Are there any early termination fees?
  • What do the customers say about the energy provider?

Start comparing Energy Plans today! You can even filter and sort the results according to your needs.

Find the latest deals and plans in just a few clicks, right here at glimp!

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