What Makes Toyota The Best Car Brand In The World?

Date Oct 27, 2020
Blog category Car Insurance
By Sieg C

Toyota is recently named as the world’s top automotive brand, with a valuation of US$51,595 million. According to Interbrand’s report released on October 20, the company ranked seventh among the Best Global Brands (BGC) of 2020, only followed by the world’s biggest tech and soft drink companies.

The only other automobile company to enter the top 10 is Mercedes-Benz, with the valuation of US$49,268 million.

Although Toyota is known for its affordable automobiles, it bested other car manufacturers who are known for their premium and luxury cars. So what makes Toyota the biggest car brand in the world? Here are some of the reasons.

World-class durability and safety

Although known for its cheap prices, the components for Toyota cars aren’t cheap at all! Their cars are known to be one of the most long-lasting, getting a maximum age of at least 20 years! When you choose a Toyota car as your daily driver, you can assure that it’s going to last you for ages. 

Even if it’s an old car, you can still be sure of its safety and performance. Toyota levelled up its IIHS top safety picks in 2013 — a feat that even its best competitors can’t achieve at that time. With Toyota, you get a durable and safe car without the high price!

Best value for resale and holding value

Kelley Blue Book — a vehicle and automotive valuation company — ranks Toyota cars with the best resale value. It means their vehicles only decrease a little value even after a long period, given that the car is maintained at best condition. Compared to competitors, you can take home a bigger amount for selling the car if ever you choose to upgrade in the future. 

As their car holds the best resale value, it’s no wonder that they have the best holding value too. It’s the value of the car after it has passed its useful life. Consequently, this means more money in your pocket for selling the vehicle. 

Innovation combined with sustainability

Toyota may not pack its cars with bells and whistles, but they made sure to equip their products with what you truly need. Their launch of the Prius has introduced a whole new set of hybrid sedans and hatchbacks — a perfect size family and leisure car. 

The great thing is they achieved innovation without compromising on sustainability. According to Kelley Blue Book’s top green vehicles of 2013, Toyota has the most vehicles with green technology. Their Prius plug-in and Avalon hybrid have solidified their spot as one of the most eco-friendly car manufacturers.

More options to choose from

On top of all these perks that you get from Toyota, you also have more options to choose from. They have anywhere from sedan, coupe, station wagon, hatchback, SUV, minivan, and pick-up trucks. Plus, this doesn’t even include their hybrid offerings!

Best of all, Toyota has the widest market for AWD and 4WD vehicles. They keep on increasing their selection for these vehicles every year, which means more options for you! They partnered their automobiles with fun colours and designs to suit all lifestyles.

Easy-to-repair and easy-to-find parts

Toyota — being the world’s number one vehicle brand — means their parts can easily be accessed and repaired. Most automotive repair shops have parts for Toyota cars, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your car in the best shape.

Car insurance companies also like Toyota cars because most of their accredited shops have their components ready! This makes it easier and quicker for your vehicle to be repaired as they don’t have to source materials from overseas.

If you have a Toyota vehicle, make sure to insure it for whatever happens on the road. Get the best car insurance policy that matches your needs with glimp!

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