What is the best wifi service in New Zealand?

Jul 13, 2020
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By Staff writer

A tricky question, as it depends on many a factor, and yet not impossible to answer. Wi-Fi is one of the most sought out services out there, and for a good reason. Whether you are a multi-household broadband user or an extravagant pro-gamer who likes challenging things on the go, one thing is certain: a reliable, convenient Wi-Fi connection will see all your needs fulfilled. So, how do you go about finding best Wi-Fi deals? We suggest you start right here, right now. Glimp has selected best broadband providers for your convenience. 

1. Slingshot offers ADSL, VDSL, UFB, and mobile plans starting at $60 a month. 100 GB, 150 GB, and unlimited packages available. 
2. Spark offers DSL, VDSL, UFB deals, with prices starting at $95 a month. Special gigabit plans available for Dunedin. 60 GB, 120GB, and unlimited plans available. 
3. Skinny Broadband offers 40 GB, 100 GB, and unlimited plans. Prices starting at $40 a month. 
4. Flip offers long-term and no-term contracts starting at $50 a month. 100 GB and unlimited plans available. 
5. Stuff Fibre offers no-term fibre packages and unlimited data (very fast speeds). Prices starting at $80 a month.  
6. 2Degrees offers various broadband packages. Speed boosts and landline extra offers available. Prices starting at $75 a month.  
7. Vodafone offers ADSL, VDSL, fibre, and fibre X plans. Naked broadband and home phone bundles available. Prices starting at $100 a month. 
8. Orcon offers ultrafast UFB, ADSL, and VDSL broadband deals. Prices starting at $135 a month.  
9. Trustpower offers UFB and ADSL plans. Prices starting at $60 a month. 


Choosing the best plan: use Glimp’s broadband comparison tool for optimized results.

Finding the best wifi service gets a whole new meaning at Glimp. We provide user-friendly, reliable, and fast comparison for your convenience. The first hurdle, as always in New Zealand, is your area. Not all packages are available everywhere. Therefore, we’ve made the search as easy as it gets. Simply enter your postcode to get all available broadband deals listed. Sorted by price, contract length, speed, and download limit.

What is the best internet provider NZ?

Finding the best internet providers NZ is a never-ending quest. Naturally, with the market getting more competitive by the day, it is only to be expected that the offer will closely follow. Each and every ISP knows that offering fast broadband speeds at affordable prices has long ceased to be the determining factor in attracting new customers.

Why? Because switching broadband has never been more seamless, especially if the same type is in question. Even switching from, say, an ADSL to a UFB package calls for minimal interruptions. No doubt, you will see the benefits of this in an instant: better cheap deals and customizable extras are only some of them. 

Nowadays, it is possible to get one super bundled all-out deal that covers all your needs: unlimited broadband, ultrafast 4G, free to cheap landline calls, and a superb TV bundle. All that at a cheap price, with free installation and a router arriving at your door within mere hours.

What we are saying is: you should take your time to choose the optimum deal, and choose away at that! What with a wide range of services from Spark to Vodafone, and with Stuff Fibre and Skinny Broadband redefining the term “affordable”, you may rest assured that the exact deal you are imagining does exist. 

Naked broadband  NZ internet providers removing established limitations.

NZ internet providers are many and their offer diverse. Notwithstanding your location, a beneficial offer to suit your needs (and, more often than not – more than one) is to be found. Use Glimp’s postcode checker to see all broadband deals available in your region. 

As regards broadband types, ADSL is used by 43% of households nationwide, fibre optic – by 28%, and cable – by 9%. These figures, now, are more than just suggestive. They are to say that ADSL is widely spread, for more reasons than one. Best wifi service for your area is, hence, likely to be found either with a telecom giant or a local provider. The latter usually offer more affordable customized deals for selected regions, so we suggest you start your search from there. 

If you don’t need a landline (and this is increasingly the case), look for naked broadband deals. These are indeed numerous, seeing as more and more Kiwis rely solely on their mobile phones for daily communication. To simplify further, nearly ALL ISPs offer one naked broadband package or another. Some of the top-ranked ones include Wireless Nation, Orcon, MyRepublic, Stuff Fibre, Flip, Slingshot, Bigpipe, Compass, 2Degrees, Spark, and Vodafone. 

Just which broadband provider will turn out to be the best one for your particular needs depends on your requirements as well as your location. Naked broadband comes with a setup price, since it doesn’t rely on your (probably non-existent) home line. The prices vary and depend on various factors, so make sure to compare all deals at Glimp first. 


Making the best wifi service truly best: customize your package.

The best wifi service is one thing, but the very best wireless broadband with additional boosts is another matter entirely. Much better, you’ll admit, and still it remains affordable. The offer is customizable either to a degree or fully. Some plans come bundled with a 4G mobile phone connection, others include mobile deals and digital TV bundles. Lastly, there are broadband packages linked to home phone deals, the latter including free or cheap calls. BT, Virgin Media, TalkTalk, Post Office, Sky, O2, and EE are only some businesses that come to mind. 

Make the best out of your broadband deal – customize it the way you want it - and do it within minutes. Glimp will provide you with best offers and leave connecting the dots to you. 

Compare Wi-Fi deals at Glimp today!

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