What is Gigabit Internet? Do We Really Have It In NZ?

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Gigabit internet is real, and it’s here in New Zealand! First introduced in the country in 2016, it’s a broadband plan with internet speeds of one gigabit per second or 1,000 megabits per second! For context, the standard ultrafast fibre is only 100Mbps. This makes gigabit broadband plans 10 times faster!

Despite its excellent speeds, gigabit broadband plans made many Kiwis raise their eyebrows. Many believe it’s just a hoax or a scam to make you spend more. Others believe that it doesn’t even exist at all! But, what is gigabit internet, really?

Clear all your confusions with this blog.

Is gigabit internet’s speed really megabit per second?

Gigabit internet, in fact, has maximum speeds of 1,000 megabits per second. On average, however, you may get around 900-950Mbps for connection via ethernet and 850-900Mbps via wifi. While these speeds are 50-150Mbps short of the promised speeds, it’s still more than fast for all your online tasks.

If you have a gigabit broadband plan and are not getting these average speeds, don’t lash out just yet. There are plenty of determining factors why many Kiwis aren’t getting these speeds. Here are some of them.

You have a crappy router

A great router can make a big difference when it comes to delivering internet. A crappy router may not distribute signals effectively because the technology inside is outdated. Changing your routers and adding wifi extenders can boost your connection and prevent dead zones in your home.

Your area doesn’t have the adequate infrastructure

As great as gigabit internet gets, not all of New Zealand has the sufficient infrastructure to support it. Your address may not get direct fibre-to-the-property connectivity, which is essential for delivering these speeds. Luckily, broadband providers are improving their infrastructure to support a wider area of the country.

Your provider has poor service in your area

While your broadband provider doesn’t lie about their 1Gbps internet plans, they may not have excellent services in your area. If this is the case, the best thing to do is to switch providers. Make sure to get a broadband plan from a trusted NZ provider with superb services in your location.

What can you do with these gigabit speeds?

Great — gigabit broadband plans are fast, but so what? What can you really do with these speeds? These speeds may seem like an overkill, but there are plenty of things you can do for an internet this fast. You may not know it, but you may do these activities too! Here are the best uses of a gigabit broadband plan.

Unlimited video, TV show, movie streaming in HD

This is the most popular use for an internet with these speeds. Gigabit broadband is perfect for binge-watching your favourite shows on Netflix, Youtube, Neon, and more without waiting for content to load! The great thing is you don’t have to settle about watching in standard definition; it can handle high-definition streaming, even if multiple users are watching!

Uninterrupted remote working and learning

Many Kiwis are working from home due to the pandemic, and one of the most important tools for this is the internet. Luckily, a gigabit broadband plan can handle all your online meetings and team activities without experiencing buffering. Plus, your kids can have uninterrupted access for their distant learning.

If you’re working as an editor, video/podcast producer, or graphics designer, then your job demands the fastest and most reliable internet you can find. That said, gigabit internet might just change your life.

Download and upload large files in the cloud quickly

Cloud services are very useful, but they can take too much time to upload large files with the original definition. With gigabit broadband, uploading large files can take significantly lesser time. The same thing happens with downloading — you download large files, even as much as 1Gb, for only a matter of seconds.

Lag-less gaming on all platforms

Gaming is big in New Zealand —  be it via Xbox, PlayStation, mobile, and PC. Most likely, you get lesser speeds for mobile because it’s not directly connected via ethernet. With gigabit internet, however, you can achieve lag-less gaming experience on all platforms. It doesn’t only offer fast speeds but also low latency internet, with reduced frame rate drops.

It’s fast, but do you need it?

Gigabit broadband plans are undoubtedly fast, but are there any benefits for you? Even if all 4-5 members of the family are heavy users, you may not really utilise gigabit internet to its full potential. A standard ultra-fast fibre plan with speeds of 100Mbps or 200Mbps is more than enough to handle all heavy online tasks.

However, what a gigabit broadband plan does is future-proofing your connection. As the technology evolves, more and more software applications may demand faster internet speeds.  An internet with gigabit speeds can manage these more demanding applications just fine. 

How can you score the perfect plan for you?

If you want a no-nonsense broadband plan, get gigabit broadband. Even if it decreases in speeds due to network congestion and other environmental factors, it will still be fast enough for your needs.

The great thing is that gigabit broadband plans are becoming more affordable too! More and more broadband providers start to widen their gigabit services to cover even the most remote parts of New Zealand.

Score the perfect gigabit broadband plan using our comparison tool here at glimp!

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