What are the advantages of fibre broadband?

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A few years ago, the latest trend in broadband in New Zealand was having an unlimited internet connection. Nowadays, it’s all about fibre broadband. Fibre broadband is currently the fastest broadband connection in NZ, and it’s the latest advancement in broadband technology.

Fibre broadband delivers super fast and stable speeds; much faster than an ADSL or VDSL connection. It uses lightweight fibre optic cables to deliver data much faster than the copper network.

Aside from super fast speeds, let’s take a look into the other advantages of fibre broadband…

Multiple users can stream on their devices

It’s very common these days for households to have multiple people using the same internet connection. With ADSL or VDSL internet, this can easily cause slow speeds, lagging and buffering. With a fibre connection, multiple users can easily connect their devices to the internet without slow speeds or interruptions.

Fibre is more than capable of handling multiple users simultaneously streaming, browsing, downloading and playing games online - even if there are several people in the home!

Stable and reliable internet speeds

Once you get fibre connected in your property, you can expect to receive much more consistent and reliable upload and download speeds.

While ADSL and VDSL internet connections often experience some inconsistencies using the cooper network, a fibre connection won’t have this problem. As fibre uses cables that are made of glass, they don’t generate electricity, which in turn reduces the chance of connection interference.

Fibre plans are cheaper than ever

You would think that the fastest broadband connection available would come with a hefty price tag - but this isn’t the case! In fact, fibre broadband plans are cheaper than ever; some are actually cheaper than an ADSL or VDSL connection!

Fibre broadband plans cost around $85.00 on average a month, whereas the average cost of VDSL and ADSL is around $95 per month. With a price tag this good, there’s no reason not to switch to fibre!

New customer sign up deals

With many of NZ’s leading broadband providers all competing to get more customers, many of them are now offering exclusive sign up deals. By taking advantage of these new customer sign up deals, you can get super fast fibre and save money at the same time!

To see the latest offers and deals, head on over to the broadband comparison tool. Just type in your address, and it will bring up the best and cheapest plans available in your area.

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