The Best VDSL Broadband Plans

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 Are you one of the unlucky few Kiwis out there that can't get access to the fibre broadband? Have you recently checked fibre availability in your area? As part of the Rural Broadband Initiative, Chorus is continuing to install the new fibre network to rural areas across the country, so it could be available at your address now! 

 Want to see if you can get a fibre broadband connection? Just enter your address on our fibre broadband checker and we’ll let you know if your area is fibre ready. With plans to expand high speed internet to more than 70,000 underserved rural properties by 2019, if fibre isn’t available in your location, it might not be far away!

 Okay, so we figured out that you can't get fibre broadband but there are other options you can look into. After ultra fast broadband, the next best thing in terms of internet speed is VDSL broadband. 

 While fibre is the top broadband choice for the majority of New Zealanders, VDSL broadband still has a lot to offer to those unable to get ultra fast fibre. The good news is that there are 7,000 cabinets located throughout the country and nearly ⅔ of Chorus’ lines are within reach of VDSL capability.

 Let’s take a deeper look into VDSL broadband and what benefits it has to offer.


Do you have ADSL or VDSL broadband?

First, let’s determine whether you are using a VDSL or ADSL broadband connection. This will let you know whether you should upgrade from ADSL or improve on your existing VDSL plan. You can find out what type of broadband service you have by testing your internet speed.

 If your broadband speeds is below 50Mbps, you’re likely on using an ADSL connection. If your speeds exceed 50Mbps, you’re most likely on a VDSL connection. You can easily test your broadband speeds online using the Internet Speed Test website.


VDSL broadband speeds

VDSL offers the best broadband service and fastest speeds available on the copper line network. Faster than ADSL,  it can reach speeds of 70Mbps and up - that’s twice as fast as ADSL!  Luckily, VDSL broadband is available in 60% of New Zealand households, and is a great alternative if you don’t have fibre in your area.

 Here at glimp, we have a good selection of VDSL broadband plans from the best internet providers in New Zealand. We will try to cover the basic things you need to know on VDSL plans in NZ, VDSL prices in NZ and VDSL deals in NZ.

 If you are comparing VDSL broadband plans with Glimp, chances are that the best VDSL provider in NZ for your needs is likely to be the cheapest VDSL provider in New Zealand. However, that may not always be the case.


Discover the best VDSL broadband plans

The best VDSL in NZ is determined by how you use the internet. It is like flying with different airlines, they will all get you to your destination but the experience with some will better than with others.

 The same is for the broadband, the VDSL broadband speed will be almost equivalent but the extra bundles or customer support will play the difference. At the moment, many broadband providers are offering a range of benefits for new customers sign ups - this ranges from free account credit to 3 free months of broadband to half price broadband for the first 6 months!

 VDSL broadband deals change all the time, just like every other broadband plan in NZ, so make sure to use Glimp to compare and find a VDSL broadband plan for your needs. We’ve made it easy for you to compare the latest VDSL broadband plans and deals from New Zealand’s leading internet providers.


Can I get naked broadband for VDSL?

Let's identify what exactly naked broadband is first. Naked broadband is a broadband connection without a landline or a home phone. Naked broadband plans have become increasingly popular, given that most Kiwis with good mobile phone plans no longer need a landline.

 The biggest benefit of having a naked broadband plan is that if you don't need or use a landline, then you could be saving up to $10 per month, which is nice. If you find that later down the track you miss having a good old yarn on the home phone, most providers will allow you to add this extra service back onto your existing internet plan.

 The majority of broadband providers offer many different naked broadband plans, all ranging in monthly prices. There are a great number of deals on VDSL broadband, but be sure to look at the speed of each offer, as these do vary. 

 So - can you get a naked broadband plan for VDSL? The answer is yes! There are a range of VDSL broadband packages available for your needs - the only thing you need to do is decide which naked VDSL broadband plan is for you.


Find a better VDSL broadband deal

Whether you’re looking to upgrade from ADSL to VDSL, or you’re wanting to see if you’re getting the best price on your current VDSL plan, we’ve made it easy for you to compare, switch and save.

 At the moment, there are 9 different NZ broadband providers offering VDSL packages from only $95 per month! Most of these companies - including Orcon, MyRepublic, Vodafone and Nova Energy - offer free standard installation as well as free modem rental when you sign up on a 12 or 24 month contract.

 Here are Glimp, you can compare broadband plans from the best internet providers online. It only takes a few minutes to discover the best internet deals around - simply let us know your address, what sort of internet user you are and how many people are in your household. 

 Ready to get started on finding your VDSL broadband plan? Get started today by using our online tool to compare broadband providers and plans with glimp now.

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