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 A car loan interest rate is the first thing every car buyer is certain to look at. Nothing to wonder at there, given that buying a new vehicle calls for in-depth calculations and backup options - should worse come to worst. The simple truth behind the headache is that a thorough research can spare you loads of trouble in the long run. You simply need determine your monthly budget and study the offer carefully before deciding which loan to pick. 

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Whether you are interested in buying a new or a used car, you can be certain that finance institutions will tell you they have many an offer tailored just to your needs. The statement, of course, is not completely true. Albeit you can narrow down the options to most lucrative ones, the lender is always on the winning side. Keep that in mind at all times.


Low interest car loans: myths vs. facts. 

Low interest car loans are attainable, particularly if you do your homework with calculations and research beforehand. Family finance comes to mind first, as a low or no interest loan might be granted through a family member. The second low interest loan type is the so-called revolving credit loan. If you choose to extend your mortgage, you will get to repay the car at the mortgage interest rate. The latter is always considerably lower than any car loan interest rate, as car loans are to be paid off in no more than 48 months.  

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Car loans can come through banks, credit unions, or finance companies and can be secured or unsecured. As for interest rates, they can be either variable or fixed. Fixed rates are, as a rule, higher than variable ones, but they make for an easier monthly repayment calculation. Likewise, secured loans have lower interest rates than unsecured ones, but they also allow the lender to repossess the car in case of defaulting. As you can see, there are many things to keep in mind when buying a car, the choice of the vehicle not being insignificant either. E.g., new car loans tend to have lower interest rates than used car loans, but car values also go down in time. 

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Car loan rates: mistakes to avoid. Your car - your terms!

There are several common mistakes first-time buyers are often unaware of.  No matter how tempting car loan rates may seem, you should always make sure to think on the long-term scale. An instant small gain may turn out to be a huge mistake later on, so mind the tips listed below.


Always make sure to negotiate the purchase price only, not the monthly payment! Certainly, you should calculate how much money you can allocate every month, and calculate it well, but never make the mistake of sharing the information with the dealer. 


Research car loan options before negotiating with the dealer. You should familiarize yourself with your credit score and the car loan interest rate you are willing to embrace. Don't allow yourself to be left in the dark about these two crucial pieces of information, as otherwise the dealers will have their way with you with ease. 

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Finally, make sure to familiarize yourself with add-ons. A disturbingly high percentage of car sale profits is generated by finance and insurance. In plain English: by increased interest rates on account of extended warranties, paint sealant, and such. If you are looking for an extended warranty, don't negotiate it with the dealer. Other institutions offer warranties at a lower cost.

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Picking the optimum  car loan interest rate: requirements and insurance. 

First-time car buyers often don't see the forest for the trees - the lowest car loan interest rate is their chief concern. Not the best way to go about things! The fine print of your agreement holds the key to a happy ending. In particular, you should look for a car loan that includes the no early exit penalty feature. Paying off your debt sooner than stipulated is always a good thing. No exceptions! In the long run, it can save you tons of money. 


If you are concerned about security more than about low rates, look for a loan repayment insurance. Not all lenders offer this option and those who do don't offer it to all car buyers, so make sure to go through the offer thoroughly before settling for that one loan that appears most tempting. A loan repayment insurance guarantees your repayments to the lender even in case of defaulting. To qualify for one, you will need, among other requirements, a trusted insurer. Keep in mind, however, that the insurance is expensive and also subject to interest rates.


Finally, a word or two about the car loan requirements. On top of the standard ones (being your passport or driver's license - identification comes first!), you will also need to provide car details (registration, engine number, info on the dealer), proof of income, and, for some loan types (notably unsecured ones) - credit history records and copies of bank statements. Additional paperwork might be requested as well, so make sure to give a call to your chosen lender beforehand. 


Applying for a car loan is a simple process nowadays, as most finance institutions accept online applications. The decision is not late in coming either - it can take anywhere from hours to several days. 

Everything considered, getting a car loan is far easier than the research part,  which is the exact reason why you must take all variables into account before signing the agreement. 

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