Top Power + Broadband Bundles In New Zealand (As Of Q3 2021)

Aug 17, 2021
By Staff writer

The power supply is running thin again this winter. Some regions even experience power outages that last for several hours, as temperatures drop to near zero in the past few weeks. With limited supply and unprecedented consumption for heating, prices are spiking astronomically.

To save on electricity costs, it may be a smarter idea to bundle your power and internet. Different providers are now offering bundle deals that offer big discounts on your utilities. Combining your power and internet broadband deals is convenient, easy, and affordable here at glimp!

Save heaps on your electricity costs by purchasing one of the top power and broadband bundles in New Zealand. Check out these deals and see if you can actually save more money in the long run.

Note: Power prices aren’t fixed in most deals as they need to be customised, according to your household size, region, electricity consumption, among others. The prices listed on this blog are estimates only. Use glimp to compare and see the best deals all on one page.



With Slingshot NZ, you get to bundle your broadband, power, and mobile plans. While you can get them individually, they offer a generous 10% monthly discount for bundling your power with your internet service and another $5 monthly discount for bundling your mobile plan.

Slingshot power plans

Slingshot has been offering power services since 2017. They offer two different deals: low user and standard user. Their power prices can be charged on a fixed daily rate or a variable usage charge. What’s great about them is, they don’t tie you up with a contract or commitment.

Once you enter your address, Slingshot will get back to you via email or phone once they confirm that you can add power to your broadband deal. 

Slingshot broadband plans

Slingshot NZ offers one of the most varied broadband plans in New Zealand. On top of their discounts for bundling your utilities, they also offer the first three months of your plan for free! Simply sign up using glimp’s comparison tool to take advantage of this offer. 

Some extras in your plan include a free family filter for up to 12 months, ESET NOD32 Antivirus for $5 per month, Protection Plan for your hardware and wiring for $3.95 per month.  You can also choose between a new modem or a pre-loved “Ugly Modem” which donates $15 to  Keep New Zealand Beautiful.

150GB Unlimited Unlimited Gigantic
Price $69.95 per month $84.95 per month (Pay after 3 months) $99.95 per month (Pay after 3 months)
Data Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Speed 100/20Mbps 100/20Mbps 900/450Mbps
Term 12 or 24-months 12 or 24-months 12 or 24-months
Modem Free rental or BYO Free rental or BYO Free rental or BYO
Modem postage $14.95 $14.95 $14.95
Installation fee Free Free Free
Termination fee $250 $250 $250

Slingshot mobile plans

On top of power and broadband, you can also bundle your mobile plans with Slingshot NZ. They offer carryover data, texts, and calling minutes to NZ and AUS, both capped and uncapped. Slingshot mobile is delivered via Spark’s network so they’re accessible nationwide, even in remote regions across the country.

Basic Value Unlimited Texts & Calling
Price $20 per 30 days $25 per 30 days $43 per 30 days
Data 1.5GB carry over 2.5GB carry over 6GB carry over
Calling minutes 200 minutes to NZ & AUS 300 minutes to NZ & AUS Unlimited
Texts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited


Nova Energy 

Nova Energy NZ is one of the leading power providers in the country, but they’ve now dabbled into broadband, too. Aside from purchasing a power and broadband bundle, they also include gas in their list of utility offers. They are a trusted provider with over 60 years of experience, known for honest NZ-based customer service.

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Everyday Bundle (No fixed term)

If you want an easy way to combine your internet, power, and gas, choose Nova Energy’s Everyday Bundle. It offers two bundles, $79 per month for an internet plan, bundled with electricity or gas or 69 per month for an internet plan, bundled electricity and gas.

For their electricity plan, they offer low and standard user plans. It’s a completely open term, meaning that you can terminate or cancel your plan anytime without paying additional charges. It can cost an average of $227 for every 30 days.

ADSL/VDSL Fibre Fibre Boost
Price $69-79 per month $69-79 per month $89-99 per month
Data Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Speed ~24/8Mbps 100/20Mbps 900/450Mbps
Term No contract No contract No contract
Modem Free rental  Free rental  Free rental 
Modem postage $15 $15 $15
Installation fee Free Free Free
Termination fee $0 $0 $0

TV Bundle (24-months contract)

Besides broadband, electricity, and gas, you can also get a free TV with Nova Energy. Pay $89 per month for your internet plan when bundled with electricity, gas, and a 43-inch LG Smart TV (43UP7750PVB). To upgrade to a 50-inch TV (50UP7750PVB), you just need to pay a one-off payment of $299.

Similarly, Nova Energy NZ offers low and standard user plans. However, the same broadband contract applies to your power contract. Canceling your plan early can cost you an early termination fee, plus a $50 administration fee and a $100 variable fee. Your power can’t also be transferred when you move into a new house.

For the television inclusion, it isn’t transferable or exchangeable to cash or other perks. If the TV model isn’t available, you can choose to replace it with a model of similar value, or cancel it completely without paying the termination fee. After the free delivery to your address, any installation, damages, or repair to the TV is your responsibility.

ADSL/VDSL Fibre Fibre Boost
Price $89 per month $89 per month $109 per month
Data Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Speed ~24/8Mbps 100/20Mbps 900/450Mbps
Term 24-months 24-months 24-months
Modem Free rental  Free rental  Free rental 
Modem postage $15 $15 $15
Installation fee Free Free Free
Termination fee $600 $600 $600

Contact Energy

Contact Energy NZ offers the convenience of combining your broadband, power, and gas into one plan. They’re one of the leading power providers, owning and operating 11 major power stations in New Zealand. They’re also a renewable energy provider, generating 80-85% of their power from sustainable sources.

Broadband Bundle (No fixed term)

For as low as $59.99 per month for your broadband plan, you can bundle your power and gas. Otherwise, you can purchase your broadband plan for $64.99 per month and bundle it with power. This is available for new customers or for existing power customers who want to add broadband to their current plan.

As with any bundle, you can simplify your monthly billing into one. As a thank you offer, they give an extra $100 discount inclusive of GST. Do note that this bundle plan is only available for their Fast Fibre plan with speeds as fast as 100Mbps.

Price $59.99-64.99 per month
Data Unlimited
Speed 100/20Mbps
Term No contract
Modem Free 
Modem postage $14.95
Installation fee Free
Termination fee $0

Can you really save when you bundle your power and broadband deals?

Yes! A lot of providers offer big discounts and markdowns when you bundle your internet and electricity plans. Some providers even offer exclusive perks if you commit to a contract term in your bundle deal. This should be an exciting option for a lot of Kiwis that simply want something that works for both their utilities.

However, don’t get easily blinded by discounts. Sometimes, you may be better off with a separate broadband and power plan for bigger savings. You may want to recheck your options before signing up with an internet and electricity bundle in New Zealand.

Should you get a power and internet bundle in NZ?

Of course, this varies per household. Some Kiwis love the idea of combining all their utilities into one billing. This means less hassle to sort out your utilities by the end of the month. Most of all, this means taking advantage of exclusive discounts, perks, and inclusions that come with an internet and power bundle.

On the other hand, bundling your power and broadband may mean less freedom to choose a deal that’s customised for your needs. This may narrow down your options, limiting you to pre-made plans from providers. That’s why some New Zealanders would rather trade off discounts and convenience for more freedom.

Before choosing an electricity and broadband bundle, you may want to rethink which one you value more: convenience and discounts, or freedom to choose the right plan for you?

Which electricity and internet bundle is the right plan for you?

It depends. What works for other households may not work for you. Some bundles are only available in certain regions too, so you may want to choose a deal that may suit your needs better. This is why glimp is here to give you an easy-to-use and FREE comparison website. We compare deals from different providers and keep our listings up-to-date.

Compare, switch, and save with glimp today!

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Really great service, helped us save about 30% on power plus a free $100 sign up bonus. Very fast and efficient.

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