Top 10 Personal Finance Blogs In New Zealand

Sep 13, 2021
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By Staff writer

One quick search, and you'll find loads of personal finance blogs in New Zealand, including the popular r/PersonalFinanceNZ subreddit. The goal is the same — to help those who want to save their money, and be financially free. Even so, however, over 70% of Kiwis still live from paycheck to paycheck, and are struggling to save.

According to the study made by the Financial Services Council last June named Money and You, only 21% of Kiwis feel in control of their finances, and are confident to last them beyond their paycheck.

The good news is, 72% of people are willing to learn more and improve their financial knowledge, according to another survey made by Westpac and Stuff.

So, what better way to start 2021 than by learning more about money, and managing your finances wisely? Here are 10 of the best NZ personal finance bloggers to help you.

1. The Happy Saver

The Happy Saver publishes financial blogs, podcast series, books, and questionnaires to guide Kiwis in their financial journey. They have affiliations with some of the biggest investment companies in New Zealand such as PocketSmith, Sharesight, Sharesies, Hatch, Kernel, Book Depository, Mighty Ape, Cove, Clearly, and more. 

They’re passionate about saving and investing your money, whether it’s through KiwiSaver, ETFs, index funds, and more. Subscribe to their online newsletter to get notified for whenever they publish their weekly blogs or podcasts.

2. Passive Income NZ

Achieve financial freedom with Passive Income NZ! Coming from the name itself, they aim to help you earn more through your passive income, which requires little to no effort from your end. Aside from helping you earn passively, they also provide useful tips and hacks to get you out of debt, save money, or have better investment options.

Sign up to their online newsletter to get access to their personal finance starter kit. Another great thing is, the author shares his personal financial experience through, ‘The Journey to Financial Freedom’ — a monthly report on his investments and spending.


Looking for comprehensive blogs about the different financial options in New Zealand? From property, borrowing, saving, KiwiSaver, banking, insurance, mortgages, bonds, and currencies, has a blog to help you make wiser financial decisions.

They have over 20+ years of trusted experience in providing financial knowledge to New Zealanders. They’re composed by a team of financial experts who specialise in different fields of finance. Most of all, they’re one of the most trusted authorities in terms of their knowledge about interest rates — coming from their name itself.

4. The Smart and Lazy

Want an easy-to-understand and uncomplicated financial guide? Your best bet is The Smart and Lazy! They understand that sorting out finances, saving money, and growing your money through investment isn’t as easy as it sounds. That’s why they offer practical pieces of advice that even Kiwis who aren’t financially well-versed can follow.

While they don’t update their website as much nowadays, the information on their website is still relevant and useful. Their comprehensive investment and mortgage guides can keep you afloat and help you achieve financial freedom amidst the challenges.

5. Money King NZ

Money King NZ is well-known among Kiwis for its insightful investment education. Their blogs are based on personal knowledge, experiences, and honest opinions, so you can be sure of their practicality. They’re especially popular among Kiwis who are only starting in their journey to become financially independent.

Investing is their strongest point. They offer investing guides through bank deposits, funds, shares, KiwiSaver, P2P Lending, bonds, and other alternative investments. Aside from blogs, they also discuss their investment guides through podcasts, YouTube videos, and several social media posts on Facebook and Twitter.

6. Mum’s Money

You can definitely still grow and manage your own money, even when you’re a busy parent! Mum’s Money offers practical guides for mums to manage their finances while at home. They’re featured in Yahoo Finance, Reader's Digest, Discover Bank, AOL, Rockstar Finance, Well Kept Wallet, and more. Aside from NZ, they also aim to launch regional websites in the UK and Ireland soon.

As it focuses on parenting, it publishes blogs on how to manage your money, as well as your family’s finances. What’s great about them is, they not only focus on big financial things like investment, KiwiSaver, mortgages, and loans, they also help with small financial things like managing holiday finances, saving money on weed killers, and more.

7. NZ Muse

Want to reflect about money and life? NZ Muse should be your go-to! Although people say money isn’t everything in life, money still plays a huge part of their lives. Most of the time, the way people handle money is based on their personal circumstances — this is what NZ Muse aims to help you with.

Aside from blogs, they offer different resources such as a free budgeting coursework, spreadsheets, calendars, and eBooks. They also offer a package guide for job hunters, where it elaborates tips and hacks on how to ace an interview.

8. Ungaro & CO.

Take it from financial advisers themselves! Ungaro & CO. comprises the most trusted financial experts in the industry. They don’t sugarcoat things because they believe advice is something you need to hear, not want to hear.

The Cooperative Bank, nib, Resimac, Sovereign, Westpac, ANZ, ASB, Asteron Life, BNZ, Fidelity Life, among others are some of their trusted partners. Aside from blogs, they also have a podcast series, named NZ Everyday Investor. These services have gained them several testimonials from Kiwis who’ve found financial successes through their guides.

9. Mary Holm

Mary Holm is an award-winning finance journalist who regularly writes for NZ Herald and Australian Women’s Weekly NZ Edition. She’s also a fortnightly presenter in the Money Segment on RNZ. Her personal blog consists of different resources such as audiobook, blogs, e-booklets, and more.

Her blogs are based on her best selling finance books, including ‘Rich Enough? A Laid-back Guide for Every Kiwi,’ ‘The Complete KiwiSaver: Everything You Need To Know,’ ‘Investing Made Simple,’ among others. Learn anything from investment funds, mortgages and loans, debits and credits, inheritances, jobs, and more.

10. Advice First

Before investing, make sure you seek advice from Advice First. They make your visions of a successful financial future come true through a series of investment, insurance, business, and other services. Their team consists of financial advisers, whose only goal is to make the best outcomes for you.

What’s great is, they don’t only focus on improving the lives of those already financially capable. They have guides for regular 9-5 employees on how to utilise their salary, savings, and other financial means.

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