Top 7 Hacks to Increase Your Internet Speed

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Internet can become slow due to various reasons such as heavy rains and wire corrosion. From time to time, wifi speed can suddenly change for other unrelated reasons so it’s advisable to consider some hacks to increase your internet speed. 

To help you out, we’ve listed tips and tricks to stabilise your connection successfully.  

Use wired connection

If you want a more stable connection, you can use the ethernet cable to directly connect your device to the internet. This should give you faster broadband rather than connecting through wifi. 

Turn off unused devices

All devices connected to the wifi share a single home network which eats up your bandwidth. This typically happens when unused phones or tablets are connected to the internet. Even though phones along with other devices are sitting idle, they're still using data, which results in slower internet speed. It would increase internet speed if you practice turning off wifi on devices not in use. 

Update your browser

When your PC or laptop starts to slow down while browsing, you may need to tune-up your browser. Check the settings and see if it’s up-to-date. Newer versions normally work faster and have better privacy than the previous ones. 

The same goes for your routers. You can reboot it, clear caches, and immediately notice improved performance. 

Keep away electronic devices

Putting lamps, stereo, monitors, and AC power cords near routers can slow down internet speed. As much as possible, keep your router away from electronic devices as well as from those emitting wireless signals like baby monitors and cordless phones. These multiple signals interfere with each other causing an interrupted internet, especially in wifi-enabled devices. It's best to put your wireless router on a table rather than to let it sit on the floor. 

Change routers

If you're using an old router and you’re experiencing slower internet, it may be time for a replacement. Routers aren't supposed to be forever; they also need updating like any other device. The lights on your router indicate whether you’re receiving connection or not. A static or no lights mean that no data is travelling through your broadband into your device. You may ask your provider for a newer unit or look for other specialised brands if you find it more efficient in your case. Upon getting a new one, you’ll faster internet than what your old router provides

Fix coiled cables

Sometimes, broadband becomes faulty because of unmaintained cables. To resolve this, check the condition of your cables regularly to avoid any interference that can lead to slower internet. Plugging the router to your home's phone socket can also increase your internet speeds

Upgrade to ultra-fast fibre broadband plan

Investing in a reliable broadband plan can save you from additional stress and unnecessary expenses – so why not shift to another plan where you’re certain of faster internet speed. Check out the broadband offerings of Glimp and compare which deal fits for your lifestyle best. 



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