Top 5 Car Insurance Providers In Auckland

Jan 5, 2022
Car Insurance
By Staff writer

The general coverage that car insurance provides is important not just for your peace of mind but for your financial security as well. Car owners can drive more confidently, knowing that they have something to fall back on in case something unexpected happens.

With so many options to choose from, finding the best car insurance in Auckland can take quite a while. Fortunately, many services now make it possible to streamline this research process. For now, here are the top 5 car insurance providers customers recommend for driving in Auckland.

TradeMe Car Insurance 

TradeMe car insurance appears to be a very popular pick for car insurance among many drivers in Auckland. TradeMe offers some good value for money, giving 15% discount for their premiums with a 20% multi-policy discount. Policyholders can also get 10% discounts off from any vehicle servicing and repairs, excluding Warrant-of-Fitness (WoFs) when booked via My Auto Shop.

Finder Awards surveyed 1,300 NZ drivers aged 18 and above to see which provider gives the best service and value. TradeMe car insurance was ranked first based on overall satisfaction, easy-to-understand policies, online experience, and how likely they are to recommend the insurer. 

AA Car Insurance

AA insurance members can get a discount on selected policies based on the length of their membership. Interested drivers can also save more money via AA’s multi-policy discount whenever they take out more than one eligible insurance policy. This makes them a good pick for those who are also planning on taking advantage of the membership and perks by ensuring their home or buying contents insurance later down the line, or even for members looking to get insurance from a bigger brand.

AA had also won the Reader’s Digest ‘Most Trusted General Insurer’ award for eleven years running. Their car insurance policies are highly rated, thanks to their level of cover and optional extras drivers can add to the policy.


State Insurance

Featuring decent discounts alongside a great level of car insurance coverage, State also comes highly recommended, coming in with their own set of benefits. State also offers a no-claims discount each year, allowing the premiums to get cheaper and cheaper provided the policyholder remains a safe driver. Working with their approved repairers also helps smoothen out the claims process, leading to a hassle-free experience.

State also provides an online calculator for its users. Interested prospects only need to enter a few details on their car and driving history, and they can get an estimate of their car insurance price in Auckland.

AMI Car Insurance

AMI offers their policyholders some degree of flexibility when it comes to their excesses, allowing them to choose one that fits their lifestyle. They also offer a multi-policy discount should customers take out more than one type of insurance as well as a ‘No Claims Bonus’ protection for up to 60% for safe drivers.

Their freeBmax allows customers to make up to two claims without reducing the No Claims Bonus. Roadside assistance is available with their comprehensive cover, making them an appealing option for drivers who want to save a bit more.

Tower Car Insurance

Tower car insurance generally comes with good coverage as well as their own RoadWise Roadside Assistance, which can come to the rescue anywhere in NZ should customers find themselves needing it.

Their customer testimonials have also attested to receiving fast and smooth service from start to finish, making them a good option for car insurance in Auckland.

Compare Car Insurance in Auckland. Use glimp!

Of course, these recommendations should only be part of a bigger research when it comes to choosing the best car insurance for your needs. Depending on a lot of factors such as driver behaviour, make and model of the vehicle, and even how often the car is used, one provider may edge out over another. It is up to you to really learn about the benefits each insurer provides as well as the possible trade-offs you may encounter.

Use glimp’s FREE car insurance comparison tool to compare all your options in just a few clicks.

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