Top 5 Car Insurance Companies in NZ

Sep 23, 2020
Car Insurance
By Staff writer

Some would say that having your car insured is a lot cheaper than buying a new one when you ram into an accident. Car insurance isn’t really mandatory but Kiwis are willing to get one if they own or rent a car, just to be on a safe side when they’re on the road. But this isn’t always the case, and some car insurance deals can cost you more in the long run. 

This is why the best car insurance companies don’t always market themselves as the cheapest company; instead, they’ll treat you as a person and not a problem. They’ll be transparent, communicate with you more clearly about claims and repair processes, and be available when you have questions, among other things. Among the different car insurance companies in NZ, which ones top our list? Read on and find out...

1. AA Insurance

AA Insurance tops our list because of their unrivalled customer service that have earned them numerous awards including Reader’s Digest 'Most Trusted General Insurer' (10 years running) and NZ Consumer People’s Choice award winner in 2019, among others. 

They offer three levels of cover: comprehensive, third party, fire & theft, and third party just like other car insurance companies, but their stress-free claims processes give them great feedback. When you apply for car insurance, their Customer Managers will walk you through the entire process, from start to finish - from application to making claims. Meanwhile, making a claim can be done online, and they’ll get in touch within two working days.

Great customer service
2. Stress-free claim processes

2. BNZ

BNZ are one of the most successful in the financial industry when it comes to reaching out to Kiwis and improving their quality of life. Like AA Insurance, they are hailed for their outstanding insurance support team who will guide you every step of the way. 

Since BNZ provide other types of insurance, you can get a multi-policy discount if you apply for different types - they’re like a one-stop-shop for getting you covered comprehensively and without dangling extras that you’ll have no choice but to pay. Every penny that you put in your insurance with BNZ will really count because it’s no lip service that they provide some of the cheapest car insurance in NZ. 


1. Cheap third-party cover options
Multi-policy discount

3. State Insurance

When it comes to making car insurance easy to manage, State Insurance is one of the most successful. And what’s more, they’re always open and easy to contact whenever you need assistance. They’re transparent when it comes to the rates, fees, claims, and benefits in your car insurance. 

As a receiver of Canstar’s Most Satisfied Customer Award for car insurance in 2019, State Insurance lets you do everything online from getting a quote to making claims. They also let you earn Flybuys bonuses and giveaways of your choice.


1. Easy to manage car insurance
Earn Flybuys 

4. AMI

Like most car insurance companies in NZ, AMI also offer comprehensive, third party, and third-party fire and theft; each includes benefits such as multiple policy discounts and breakdown service wherein they'll help anyone using your car. 

They also have a special cover for business vehicles when you encounter accidental damage and theft, covering repair and replacement, legal liability protection, transport and towing expenses. Unlike other car insurance companies, AMI provide special protection for your car, through comprehensive cover, when it’s driven by someone under 25 years old.


1. Breakdown service
Business vehicles protection
3. Cover for young drivers

5. Cove

Cove Insurance are easily one of the most trusted insurance companies in New Zealand because they tailor their policies with the needs of the locals. They serve Kiwis in a more relaxed way compared to other car insurance companies, so Kiwis feel at ease with them. They pride themselves in being transparent when it comes to rates and fees, flexible to different needs, and fast when it comes to customer service. Getting insurance with Cove is refreshing - and this is one of the reasons why they are favored by many. 


1. Locally rooted
Simple car insurance policies 

Why do I need to compare car insurance companies?

Car insurance companies offer nearly the same policies; generally, there are three: comprehensive, third party, fire & theft, and third party. But while they share similar features, they differ in terms of overall performance satisfaction which is based on transparency, clear claims and repair processes, and responsive customer service, to name a few. Comparing car insurance companies lets you select the one that can suit your needs.

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