Top 12 Power Companies in New Zealand, 2021

Jul 14, 2020
By Staff writer

Canstar Blue in 2017 surveyed thousands of people to get an overview of how they rated their Power company. Power companies Auckland provided a dominant voice to how they were ranked as 1.3 million people live in Auckland. With 2,500 responses across New Zealand Canstar Blue were able to rank all 12 power companies. So here are power companies Auckland, in descending order:

12th Place = TrustPower

The people spoke and one of the least favourite power company in 2017 is Trust Power, New Zealand's fifth largest electricity retailer. Being both  an energy and telecommunications company opened its first power company in 1915 in Tauranga. Now Trust Power operates 38 hydro power station across 19 hydroelectric power schemes in New Zealand, including one diesel power station which is occasionally used for transmission support.

Their purpose is to improve the lives of people in the communities they serve, by providing access to utilities that deliver comfort, convenience, connectivity and value. Trustpower Auckland customers can purchase electricity, gas, broadband and be supplied a telephone. Trustpower is more efficient to customers in the Northern Island as the southern island can only receive electricity. 

Trustpower offers their customers to use them as a multipurpose supplier of gas, electricity and phone services by using their “My Plan Builder Function” on their website. They state they have plans and services to suit everybody, from power only to multiple utility.  Customers can save on energy bills when paying their bills on same day, they will receive a 12% discount. 

11th Place = Pulse Energy

Pulse Energy scored three stars for overall satisfaction but managed to get 4 stars for customer’s value for money. Customers also ranked their environmental sustainability, information, advice and bill clarity to be satisfactory. Pulse Energy is not the most popular Energy company as they only have a total of 55,000 customers nation wide.

It offers a low price upfront, with price protection on the energy rates for three years combined with no long term contracts. Auckland was one of the first places Pulse Energy supplied to and gave the option of no long-term contracts; their customers seem to be happy to use them.  Pulse Energy believe in transparency and being honest and open about their price.

10th Place = Nova Energy

Nova energy came in at 10th Place because its 50,000 customers can not all get both gas and electricity. In the southern island, Nova energy only offers Electricity to ⅔ of the island, where as those in the Northern island can be provided both gas and electricity in most areas. Nova Energy Auckland residents can sure to purchase both types of energy. 

Electricity from Nova Energy comes from a mix of energy types including renewables. Their goal is to try and keep costs as low as possible. In total there have been more than 100,000 kiwi families and businesses who have switched to Nova energy for cheap power Auckland. 

9th Place = Meridian Energy, 

100% Renewable Energy

Meridian Energy, falling into 9th Place, is the largest electricity generator in New Zealand and is not always seen as the preferred choice from the community. It is however, the most significant contributor to helping the Government reach its target of 90% renewable energy by 2025. Meridian Energy is 50% owned by the Kiwi Government and uses 100% renewable energy. Their wind farms and hydro stations generate enough electricity to power 1.5 million homes each year; that’s enough to supply all of Auckland’s power. 

Meridian Energy Auckland residents can only receive electricity. Meridian reaches up the 300,000 Kiwi’s, nationwide, that want renewable energy as their go-to source of electricity. Meridian Energy customers are advised to choose a fixed-rate pricing to improve their certainty and budget, even if it means they will have to pay more now than on a variable pricing. Customers are usually happy to sign up to a three-year contract.

Kiwis and Auckland Energy Saving customers that do not want to be tied to a contract and are happy with their rates changing every 30 days (. Prices may change based on renewable energy input or market costs) should choose a variable pricing plan.

Meridian Energy is the ideal choice for environmentally friendly Kiwis. Getting in touch with the company can be done via email, phone and are active on their Facebook page too. Most of the support will be received from Christchurch. 

8th Place = Mercury Energy

Mercury Energy falls into 8th place for their overall performance. They are part of Mighty River Power, a major competitor in the New Zealand electricity market and was awarded Energy Company of the year in 2010 as more than 90% of their power is renewable. Now in 2017, Mercury Energy Auckland can experience 100% renewable energy as their energy is composed of two complementary fuel sources - hydro and geothermal.

Mercury offers customers a variety of price plans with electricity and gas varying from region to region. There are two types of plans to choose from, fixed-price whereby your power prices are locked in for two years. The other is the Right Plan which puts customers on the most cost effective price plan. Customers that pay their bills promptly will receive 10% payment discounts and you can even get Air New Zealand airpoint dollars too. 

7th Place = Glowbug

Glowbug scored three stars for overall satisfaction, bill clarity, customer service, value for money and environmental sustainability. The company uses “cloud-based” software, smart meters and the pager network to make it easier for pre-pay customers to monitor their accounts. This unique system means if, for example, customers run out of credit, they will have their electricity disconnected at noon, after 36 hours notice, making it a flexible program.  


6th Place = Genesis Energy

Coming in at sixth place is Genesis Energy. The Energy Company offers a number of residential energy options allowing consumers to check their plan rates through the website’s interactive map allowing them to sign up online. They supply energy through two retail brands, Genesis Energy and Energy online to more than 650,000 customers in New Zealand. Genesis Energy’s residential pricing plans are made up of two plans. 

1. Classic Plan: Is Genesis’ low fixed-charge plan that has been the most accommodating for customers that will use 8,000 kWh or less of electricity each year.
2. Household Plan: This is Genesis’ most suitable plan for customers, households who see themselves using more than 8,000 kWh of electricity each year. 

It is important to note that Genesis states “The plans are made up of a daily fixed charge and a variable charge or charges. A variable charge is the cost of the amount of electricity the household uses, whereas the daily fixed charge covers the fixed cost of supplying energy to your property. You can have different variable charges depending upon the type of meter you have. “

There are two different types of terms that customers can choose from:

1. Fixed Term: Includes Fixed prices during the 12 month plan with 10% prompt payment discount on both gas and electricity bills. This is due to customers needing to pay in full and on time with direct debit.
2. Flexible Term: NO CONTRACT or EXIT FEES, with 10% prompt payment discount with the flexibility to move between addresses. A more prefered option term for both Auckland renters staying for short terms. 

For customers choosing to use Genesis as their main energy supplier, both electricity and gas then those customers will receive an additional 2% discount. For Auckland residents wanting to enquire more about the Genesis Energy plans, you can contact them via email or by phone. They will also respond via their social media site. 

5th Place = Contact Energy: 

In 5th Place, is Contact Energy home to one of New Zealand’s leading Energy Generators and retailers, providing electricity, natural gas and LPG to about 562,000 customers nationwide. It is the only electrical and gas retailer that rewards its customers with Fly Buys. Auckland Contact Energy has been regarded to be very promising having build a more flexible portfolio by introducing new power generation assets throughout the nation. This allows them to respond to the efficiently changing electrical market conditions. 

Contact Energy Auckland offer a selection of residential plans to encourage consumers to sign up online. Contact says:

“Whether you are looking to join us for the first time or moving properties, we’ll make it easy to get connected. You can do it over the phone, or online, right now. Either way, it will take just a few minutes.”

Contact Energy’s 3 most popular plans being used by energy Auckland residents and throughout the nation are. 

1. Freedom:  Involves no contract term or exit fees. If you pay on time, you receive a 20% discount and if it’s a direct debit, you’ll receive a 1% discount. For all customers that use Contact Energy both gas and electricity will receive a further 12 cents per day discount.
2. Saver Plus:  Lock-in energy rates exist until May 31, 2019. Customers will receive $150 off their first electricity bill, plus 20% discount for every time they pay on time, including a 1% direct debit discount and for those signed up to both gas and electricity will also receive 12 cents off every day.
3. Goodies: Lock-in energy rates until May 31, 2018 with no break-up fees! Will also give customers $100 New World Gift Card, combined with a 15% pay on time discount, and similar to the previous plans a 1% direct debit discount and 12 cents per day discount for customer who signed up to electricity and gas. 

Customer service at Contact Energy Auckland can be contacted by submitting an online enquiry online and can be contact via Facebook and Twitter platforms. For most of the information you want, you will find it on their website under the Helps Page. 

4th Place = Powershop

Over the past five years, Powershop had the most satisfied customers. They offer their customers $150 of free power the first three months when they sign up. Customers are greeted to no fixed term contracts, competitive pricing, and regular discounts and specials are provided. Customers are offered flexible payment options, and their local customer service is great. 

Canstar Blue awarded Powershop 4 stars in their overall performance. 4 stars was given to their range of plans, bill clarity, value for money and their environmental sustainability. 5 stars were awarded for the customer service, information and advice. For power prices, Auckland and the rest of the nation will get $150 of free power making it all the more worth it. 

3rd Place = Flick

Flick is regarded as Auckland and New Zealand's fairest Power Deal. In 2015 their customer satisfaction was at an all time high of 96%. Customers are provided wholesale power prices, no fixed term contracts and smart tools to make the user experience that much better. Best of all, it takes just 3 minutes to join Flick online. 

Auckland power prices around New Zealand tend to include a Flick retail fee of only 1.5 cents per unit and 40 cents per day. If you fall under the category of a low user, then Flick will charge you 3.3-3.75 cents per kWh. Flick gives their customers a complete overview of how they charge you, so you can understand how the pricing is calculated. 

2nd Place = Energy Online

In second place is Energy Online, an electricity and gas retailer that provides services for both business and residential customers. They describe themselves as “the brilliantly simple choice”. Cheap power Auckland residents will find Energy Online to provide them with a very reasonable pricing plans, and will not tie you into a contract. 

Energy Online offers customers two electricity price plans. The standard user plan is generally the most suitable plan for customers using more than 8,000 kWh of electricity each year. The low user price plan is a low fixed-charge plan that is suitable for those who use 8,000 kWh or less of electricity each year. 

Energy Online customers will get up to $100 off their first energy bill, $50 off electricity and $50 off gas. A bill that is paid promptly, on time and in full will get a further 20% discount. 

1st Place =

Scoring 5 stars across the board is ElectricKiwi. For the best power company rated by the community who were surveyed, Electric Kiwi is your number one choice. With excellent service, they have a variety of plans to select from, their bills are clear, their value for money is great and they too are environmentally sustainable. 

Electric Kiwi offers no contracts, awesome online service and they guarantee you will save. On top of that they offer you one hour of free power a day and all it takes is two minutes to sign up. Customers will also get exclusive deals and will provide low powers costs Auckland will see over 365 days. Customers can also experience very flexible billing options to meet the criteria of their lifestyle, with instant payments and crediting your account. 


Still Confused? Then Use Glimp!

With so many energy and power providers Auckland has out there, Kiwis and Auckland power users can still find it difficult to select the right company, as plans can vary between regions. That's why glimp, is an easy to allow users to compare the variety of companies and plans out there. 

Glimp involves a six step process, that asks for your previous power bill (no problem if you don’t have it), your current power provider, how you use your gas and or electricity, and how many people are in the household. With this information Glimp can accurately predict how much you will spend over a year allowing you to compare the companies side by side. 

Shane Egan (Popup) , 2023-07-10

Excellent service. Responsive and easy to deal with. Got me an awesome deal on Broadband. Well worth calling to see what they can do. 👍

Jamie Martin , 2023-06-18

Really great service, helped us save about 30% on power plus a free $100 sign up bonus. Very fast and efficient.

Kat W , 2023-06-20

Very helpful and informative. Lovely chatting with them on the phone, helped me find a power supplier, pretty simple and straight forward

Dee Painter , 2023-08-08

So easy to use, very helpful and got a great deal with my power and gas