The Ultimate Guide To Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts

Dec 9, 2020
By Staff writer

December has just begun! It’s the perfect time to purchase holiday gifts for your family, friends, and loved ones! Make sure to purchase something more sustainable and share that goodness with your favorite people, near or far. There are plenty of ethical gifts you can score in different marketplaces across New Zealand, some of which can be sent for international shipping. 

From food, house appliances, toys, to cosmetics, check out this ultimate guide to sustainable gifts for the 2020 holidays.

1. Manuka Honey 380g Jar

What’s more ethical than our very own Manuka Honey! Score an all-natural, no preservatives 380g Manuka Honey Jar for your loved ones. Get it at Shut The Front Door for a good price of $34.99. 

2. Brightening Rosehip Face Mask - 5 Mask DIY Kit

Remind your special someone to take care of their skin by giving them a face mask this Christmas. Get them staying glowing and moisturised with Brightening Rosehip Face Mask - 5 Mask DIY Kit you can score at Not Socks for only $24.95.

3. Collapsible Straw

Convince your friend to stop the single-use plastic through a reusable collapsible straw. Use a straw without the harmful chemicals! Purchase a BPA-free stainless steel collapsible straw at Not Socks for a discounted price of $9.95.

4. Weaver Gaiwan Set

Enjoy tea time with your family and friends! The Weaver Gaiwan Set includes a smaller and a larger brewing vessel and which enables better heat retention during brewing. Snag it from The Tea Thief for only $105.

5. Sew Good Lunch Bag Pack (3 Lunch bags)

Buy your kids a new lunch bag pack for next year! Sew Good Lunch Bag Packs from Green Elephant are completely handmade with a waterproof inner, perfect for everyday use. It costs only $19.83 for a set of 3 lunch bags.

6. Deep Green Cleanser for Oily to Normal Skin

Gift your loved ones with a vegan, cruelty-free facial cleanser. Deep Green Cleanser Oily to Normal Skin is packed with biodegradable components and made from natural ingredients like sea salt, castor oil, and sweet orange oil. Score it at Shut The Front Door for only $26.99.

7. Ceramic Lined Reusable Cup 10oz

Do you have a friend who still buys bottled water every day? It’s the perfect time to gift them with Ceramic Lined Reusable Cup 10oz from Shut The Front Door. Costing only $59.99, get a BPA-free and FDA-approved eco-friendly stainless steel cup, available in different colours.

8. Make your own Lip Balm Kit

DIY for the lips! Get your special someone a Make your own Lip Balm Kit from Not Socks! For only $19.95, it's super easy to make that even beginners can follow. It’s made from all-natural ingredients including castor oil, NZ beeswax, shea butter, and more.

9. Kina Bowl Covers (Set of 2)

Starting this holiday season, say no to plastic covers for your leftovers! Your mums will surely love the Kina Bowl Covers from Not Socks. For only $39.95, get two sets of small and large cover pieces. It’s reversible and can simply be tossed in a washing machine.

10. Fold Out Bag Native NZ

Get your parents a shopping bag with prints of New Zealand’s flora and native birds. The Fold Out Bag Native NZ is an eco-friendly bag made from 100% polyester. It can be tucked away easily, plus it’s washable too! Purchase it at Funky Gift for only $16.90.

11. Reusable Cotton String Bag

Time to level up your family’s shopping bag! The Reusable Cotton String Bag from Funky Gifts is perfect for holding milk, fruit, veggies, and even bread. A gentle machine wash and line dry after two to three-use can make it as good as new.

12. Long Beeswax Crayons 6pk

Get crafty with your kids this holiday season! The Long Beeswax Crayons from Not Socks only costs $17.95. It's made from sustainable materials, making it environmentally friendly and non-toxic for your kids.

13. Oasis Collapsible Cup

Gift yourself and friends with an on-the-go cup — perfect for camping, fishing, and everything in between! The Oasis Collapsible Cup from Not Socks is an easy to use and lightweight travel cup. The best part is, it's only $22.95!

14. Chocolate Fish Lunch Wrap

Pack your family’s lunch with an eco-friendly lunch wrap. Chocolate Fish Lunch Wrap is designed in New Zealand, and made from 35% cotton and 65% polyester. Check it out at Shut The Front Door for only $24.99.

15. Foil Bee Notebook

Convince your friend to start journaling through an eco-friendly Foil Bee Notebook from Shut The Front Door. For $21.99, get a 48-page A5-sized notebook made from recyclable materials. It has textured paper stitched with hefty dark green threads.

16. Reusable Silicone Swab Set

Gift your wife with a silicone swab kit, perfect for their makeup needs! The Reusable Silicone Swab Set has two swabs — the standard style and the precision style. It’s very easy to clean and easy to use too! Get it for a discounted price of $9.95 at Not Socks.

17. Organic Lavender + Chamomile Eye Pillow

Do you know a friend who suffers from insomnia? The Waste-Free Home sells the Organic Lavender + Chamomile Eye Pillow that can help them relax and ease their minds. It’s completely handmade and washable, so the $34 price is surely a grab!

18. Rash Vest - Ether Mint

Just in time for the summer, get your kids the Rash Vest from Jamie Kay. For only $20, you can ensure the swimwear follows the UPF rating which offers protection from harmful UV rays. It’s also completely eco-friendly as it’s made from 85% recycled polyester and 15% elastane.

19. Hollow Wooden Blocks - 40pcs

The holiday season is the perfect time to teach your toddlers about problem-solving basics. The 40pcs Hollow Wooden Blocks from Little Whimsy are made from plantation timber so it’s completely safe and non-toxic. Buy this handcrafted ethical toys for only $123.50.

20. Change Maker Pale Ale 500ml

Christmas Day is the perfect time to enjoy a time away from work with your best mates. A 500ml Change Maker Pale Ale is brewed from clean malt bill with bursting tropical flavours. Purchase them from Change Maker for o$43 for bottles of 6.

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