The NZ Guide to Travelling with Kids

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Fun excursions don’t need to stop when you settle down and have kids of your own. In fact, you can still have as much fun as you want around the country! Travelling with kids can be stress-free with the right planning and preparation, even if you plan on taking them overseas. Once the COVID-19 situation and everyone can freely go out again, why not give your kids a chance to experience places they’ve never been to? In the meantime, here’s our guide to travelling with kids, so you can prepare for an experience that’s fun and stress-free with just a few simple adjustments!

Avoid overpacking

The fewer things that you bring with you, the less hassle you’ll have to deal with. After all, you already have your kids to keep in mind, so adding more stuff isn't recommended. Sure, some items make trips a lot more convenient, but more items mean more things to worry about which just places a damper on the mood.

Most of the time, it’s possible to buy most items at your destination, and without having to settle for overpriced things that you can get from airports and the like. Bring only the essential items with you, and as much as possible, keep valuables secure in the home. This makes it lighter too, especially if you have younger kids who you still need to carry around.

Always set aside time for any delays

When you’re travelling with kids, or even just with mates, it pays to make some allowance for any delays. From booking to boarding, you need to anticipate that things might go wrong, making delays inevitable. Your kid may suddenly forget something or need to use the toilet, causing you to miss the bus or taxi. 

And sometimes, these delays aren’t even your or your kids’ fault! You might encounter delays at the airport, roadworks, or accidents. For some of these, travel insurance can help you out, so don’t worry too much!

Book your lodgings ahead of time

It’s recommended to book your hotel, AirBnB or other rentals ahead of time when you’re travelling with kids. Chances are, they’ll need to rest, especially after a long trip that they’re not used to, so you’ll probably make a stop at your lodgings upon arrival. It’s a good place to drop off other luggage as well.

Booking other activities like restaurants, cab services, or other activities ahead of time leaves you with fewer things to worry about when you get to your destination. 

Bring lots of snacks!

Kids get hungry on trips - it’s rather unavoidable, especially if you’re travelling for many hours. Kids get cranky when they’re hungry, so always make sure to have some of their favourite snacks on board. And while you’re at it, bring additional treats for yourself as well! Adults get cranky when they’re hungry too!

Also, keep in mind that your kids might encounter different kinds of food compared to what they usually eat at home. You need to be prepared should they change their mind about the food, as this could affect their mood while visiting your itineraries.

Be aware of the regulations

This is especially important when you’re going on a long drive. New Zealand has special laws regarding children and car seats that you need to keep in mind. All children below the age of 7 need to be secured in a child restraint appropriate to the height and weight limits stated on the car seat.

While children between the ages of 7 and 8 can usually ride without the aid of a booster seat, it’s still recommended for children below 148cm tall. All of this information can be found in the Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004.

Travelling with kids around NZ!

Of course, we can really only prepare for so much when it comes to travelling. In fact, it’s almost a given that some things will go wrong over the course of your trip, whether it’s missed rides, lost luggage, or other general inconveniences. Fortunately, having domestic travel insurance in NZ can help ease the burden of dealing with these problems.

At glimp, we have gathered the best travel insurance policies into one place, allowing you to find the right cover the next time you decide to take the family out on a trip. So let’s spare you the hassle of worrying about these unavoidable inconveniences. Try our comparison tool today!

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