The Most Common Smartphone Issues to Look Out For

Date Sep 16, 2020
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Blog category Phone Insurance
By Huey A

Back in the days of old cellphones, problems weren’t as complicated. Most of these usually involved the hardware such as a non-responsive keypad or perhaps a broken screen. Nowadays, mobile phones are a lot more feature-packed and complicated than ever, allowing us to do even more with them. Of course, with new technology comes with its own set of technical issues, and with the prices of mobile phones rising every year, you may want to find adequate cover via phone insurance for it. So let’s take a look at the most common mobile phone problems and see what remedies we can try.

Faulty Apps

No one likes a slow smartphone or one that experiences a lot of lag while doing basic activities like browsing. But before you decide to give up on it, try to see if you can spare yourself a trip to the nearest store or repair shop. A slow phone could simply be suffering from memory problems. Try clearing the cache of some of your apps, or moving some of them to an SD card if it’s possible.

If it doesn’t work, you can also try installing and uninstalling the apps giving you problems. It is also possible that the app itself is faulty. In that case, you’ll need to wait for an update or get in contact with the developers themselves, and see if this is a known problem from the community.

Poor Battery Life

You may have noticed that it’s hard to go a full day without charging. Of course, this is quite understandable. A smartphone performs tasks that older phones are not capable of. We’re also using it more often both for communication and other purposes. 

Of course, some phones now come with even bigger batteries that are very much capable of lasting you the whole day even with moderate to heavy usage. If your phone still suffers from battery issues, try closing apps running in the background. If you’re not going to browse the internet, you could also try turning off Wi-Fi or mobile data.

If it still doesn’t work, you may have received a faulty model. In this case, you may be able to use your warranty or phone insurance policy to help you with repairs or replacements.


This problem is closely related to the previous problem. While some heat is expected when you use the device for heavy processes like gaming, overheating is usually a sign of a battery problem, leading to even more mobile phone problems later on. This could be the result of a faulty battery, a faulty charger, or even where you normally keep your phone while charging. Either way, you’ll need to fix the problem or seek out a replacement unit.

Damaged Charging Port

Charging ports do degrade over time as it’s just part of the equipment cycle. Misuse, dirt, and other damage will be sustained throughout its life. You can try cleaning the port yourself with a dry brush to remove anything that might’ve gotten lodged in the port. Ideally,  you need to take it to the repair shop for an expert to look at. Otherwise, it may be time to purchase a replacement unit.

Where does Phone Insurance come in?

Of course, not all mobile phone problems can be repaired DIY. Some parts are just too complicated and will require replacement and expert help. And of course, if your phone is lost or stolen, there’s no way to perform repairs by yourself. Having phone insurance can help you acquire a new or refurbished unit for free so long as it matches the policy. glimp can help you find an affordable policy that provides adequate cover for your needs. Try our free comparison tool today and let us get you a good deal with your preferred provider in NZ.

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