The Best Mobile Phone Insurance From Different Providers in New Zealand

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Got the latest flagship mobile phone? Make sure to secure it with mobile phone insurance! Even if you follow strict protective measures, you never know what may happen to your mobile phone — it may get damaged, lost, or stolen!

Avoid losing hundreds of dollars! Cover your phone from any unforeseen events with mobile phone insurance. Take a look at the best mobile phone insurance policies from NZ’s leading providers.

What mobile phone insurance covers

Mobile phone insurance covers a wide variety of circumstances. This includes but are not limited to:

  • Damages, loss, or theft of the mobile phone and its accessories
  • Global coverage for loss, theft, accidental, or malicious damages
  • Repairs and in some cases, replacement for accidental damages
  • Replacement of up to $1,000 and temporary cover of up to $500 for accidental loss or theft while on overseas roaming

Aside from these fixed damages, you can also add inclusions and extras. Depending on the insurance provider, your options may vary. Nonetheless, here are some of the most common extras for your mobile phone insurance.

  • Screen dents, scratches, and cracks
  • Water damages from splashes and prolonged soak in water
  • Battery replacement due to overheating problems
  • Fraudulent activity costs, which may compromise the security of the user

What mobile phone insurance doesn’t cover

As great as mobile phone insurance gets, there’s a limit to your coverage. Generally, this is stated and discussed upon signing up for a policy. Otherwise, it’s indicated in the fine print of your policy, so it’s best to read through those first. These are the usual circumstances that aren’t covered by mobile phone insurance.

  • Lost or stolen phone where the SIM card isn’t inserted
  • Damages due to repairs from unauthorised repairer
  • Damages due to downloading or uploading harmful content
  • Loss due to inattention or negligence
  • Lost SIM card
  • Manufacturing defects and normal wear and tear

As a general rule, the value of your cover depends on the value of your phone. A comprehensive mobile phone insurance is great for the latest phones like the iPhone 12 series or the Samsung Galaxy Note line-up. Consequently, basic coverage is ideal for older phones, which may contain personal, professional, and confidential information.

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What are the best mobile phone insurance from NZ providers?

The great news is mobile providers such as Vodafone and Spark offer mobile phone insurance alongside their mobile plan. Specialised insurance companies also feature great coverage in their policy. While most providers only sell it whenever you buy a new phone, they also have a policy for your existing mobile phone.

Get a side-by-side comparison of the best mobile phone insurance from different NZ and mobile plan providers. Only Spark and Vodafone have set mobile phone insurance. Other companies like Cove, Kogan, and Skinny offer a personalised policy, so it’s best to ask their helpdesk for a quote that suits your needs.

Monthly Cost Excess Global coverage Unauthorised costs
Spark $11.95 or $15.95 $150 or $195 Yes Up to $1,000
Vodafone $15.50 $200 or $350 Yes Up to $1,000

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How can you determine your excess?

The more expensive your mobile devices, the more expensive your excess will become. For example, Spark imposes an excess of $150 per claim for phones with a recommended retail price (RRP) of below $800. Phones costing above $800 RRP have an excess of $195 per claim.

For Vodafone, they have an excess of $200 for the first claim ($250 for the second claim) within 12 months for phones valued below $1,801 RRP. Phones costing between $1,801-$2,100 RRP have $350 excess for the first claim ($400 for the second claim) within the first year.

What are unauthorised costs?

Did the phone thief use your phone to make phone calls and text, surf the internet, or even use your mobile banking? These are called unauthorised costs. Both Vodafone and Spark promise coverage for this. If you also want this in your policy, it’s best to contact your mobile plan provider or insurance company to have a quote ready for you.

Secure your mobile phone with a phone insurance

For almost every Kiwi, mobile phones have become a daily driver. That makes mobile phone insurance more important than ever! Secure your mobile phone from any possible damages and unforeseen events like loss or theft. Get mobile phone insurance from your mobile plan provider or insurance company.

If your mobile provider doesn’t offer mobile phone insurance, it may be the best time to switch providers now! Compare the best mobile plan for you here at glimp!

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